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Friday, June 29, 2012


Time for a look at The Marriage List, a New York Nights novel. Roll into Manhattan with me and get to know with Grey, before he meets up with Carrie. First a few pix of New York City, then the first chapter of The Marriage List, which is still only $.99, by the way.

Lincoln Center, where Grey and Carrie have an...uh...interesting encounter.

 The Dakota, apartment building where John Lennon lived and died. Only about six blocks from Carrie's place.

 Skyline of Manhattan.

 Sexy guy did that get in here? " *grins*, just an added treat.

 Oohh, hot firemen. You can see where my mind is going. So on to the first chapter.

                                  FIRST CHAPTER - CLICK HERE
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1 comment:

An Open Book said...

LOVE the pictures that you always post Jean- can you feel the moment?

LOVED this book too