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Monday, February 24, 2014


Welcome back! It's picture prompt day on Tuesday Tales. And we are limited to 300 words. Here's another installment of my WIP

The Scent of Love
Jory eased herself into a seat at the big table in the library. Since her sister had turned over letter writing duties to her, she had come here to do it in privacy. With reporters coming in and out and the publisher breathing down her neck, Jory couldn’t express herself honestly.
Bryce had crept into her life letter by letter, almost unnoticed. He started as another burden, a responsibility she took over from her sister. Before long, polite chatter had become more personal. Bryce hinted at his life dreams as did Jory. They danced around the things that mattered most to them. Jory took a deep breath, deciding to be the first to confess.
            She wrote:
                I never wanted to stay in this dusty little town. After   college, I wanted
to go to Paris and write like, Hemingway and Fitzgerald. And maybe drink too much and have affairs with gorgeously, devastating  rakes. But my parents died in a car crash and I had to take care of my little sister. Now I can’t leave. But someday I’m going to do something more. What’s your dream? Do you want to stay in the military and become a general?
“This is where you’re hiding out,” a male voice said. Jory looked up into the frowning face of George Barton.
“What do you want?” She squinted.
“Writin’ a letter?”
“None of your business.”
 "You’re my girlfriend. That makes it my business.”
“Don’t pretend to be tough, George. This isn’t about you.” Jory looked down.
“I didn’t mean to make you mad. It’s Wednesday. Burger and beer night.” He looked at his feet. Jory sighed. She folded the paper and put it in her purse. “Let’s go.” He fell into step with her as they headed to the parking lot.


Lindsay said...

Sounds like George is being a lot possessive which isn't good.
Great scene

Iris B said...

Not a dialogue I'd imagine between partners. Can't wait to find out more

V.L. Locey said...

What a great scene!

Jamie Salisbury said...

Wonderful - It makes you feel for her having to give up her dreams.

Sarah Cass said...

Hmmm...sounds like George is a bit of a possessive brute. I wonder where this is going to go...I can't wait to see her and Bryce together...but I have a feeling you're going to torture us for a while.

Davee said...

sounds like George is worried that Jory has designs on someone else. maybe she isn't happy she is having these inclinations? great TT

SherryGLoag said...

Why do I feel that he's going to go through her bag at the first chance to see who she's writing to? Another great scene.

kathleen ball said...

I see george getting kicked to the curb in the future

S.E said...

I hope she dumps George, I like how you used the letter to give us more insight into her thoughts.

writerszenblog said...

Great scene to use for this prompt, showing us more about the characters. I don't like the brute already.

Jillian said...

all right then, George is a brute, I agree with writerszenblog on that. Time to kick him to the curb!!

morgan said...

George takes her for granted. I don't like him. Great job creating someone the reader would dislike. :)