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Thursday, May 5, 2011


 Today we are fortunate to have an excerpt from one of gifted writer, Alex Sinclair's, beautifully written, cleverly plotted new releases, "Five Days Notice": 

About the book
The global economy has collapsed and third world war has left the planet a dark and deadly place. Having a job is like winning the lottery. It is a rare and cherished thing. Society is split into two classes, the poor and the damned. Only one superstore remains in the city. The seven staff members work long hours for hardly any pay, but they are considered the lucky ones.

River is in love. He is in love with the woman of his dreams. Only she doesn’t know it. Ariel lights up his dark and lonely world. She is the reason he wakes up every single morning. Her friendship and company give meaning to his existence, but when job cuts are announced his world is turned upside down. The staff are given five days notice. By the end of the week three members of staff will be fired, but how far is River willing to go to ensure that the love of his life keeps her job?
With uncertainty and doubt fuelling the fires of fear each member of staff sets out on a dangerous path of deception.

The flesh of the weak is food for the strong. It is a dog eat dog world. Friends become enemies. Lovers become deceivers. You can trust no one. You can rely on no one. You must do what needs to be done to make sure you survive. You must steal, you must betray and you must kill. Betrayal, deception and corruption have never looked so sexy.

Title: Five Days Notice
Author: Alex Sinclair
Publisher: Sinclair Books
Genre: Romance, Suspense, Sensual
Price: $2.99
Buy Link:
Here is a taste of Alex's teasing, sexy prose from his brilliant new book:
The sound of laughter echoed off the walls of Ariel’s apartment. It was the sound of two people not afraid to open themselves up to one another. There was no attempt to contain their feelings or emotions. They simply sat on the couch laughing their asses off, as they enjoyed the start of a third bottle of wine. ‘Okay, okay, okay.’ River tried to fan down the laughter with his hands. ‘If your life was on the line and you had to date one of them, which one would you go out with?’
‘I am not saying,’ Ariel blushed and looked away.
River knew what that reaction meant, but he replied with. ‘Alan?’
‘Shut your mouth,’ she slapped him on the arm, as River burst into another fit of laughter from the overly dramatic shocked expression upon her face. ‘That is not even funny,’ she said even though she too started to giggle like some sort of school girl. His positive energy just seemed to make her want to smile. ‘Okay. If you had to date any one of them who would it be?’
‘Honestly?’ River slurred. The wine had gone straight to his head.
‘I want you to give one hundred percent honesty,’ countered Ariel.
River nodded his head in a slow drunk gesture. ‘I would date you.’
‘You big fibber,’ Ariel wouldn’t believe a word and shook her head in disagreement. ‘I am a woman and even I know Kerry is hot. And Hope is pretty in that sort of shy emotional type of way. They are beautiful. I am not.’
‘Yes you are,’ River cut his hand through the air like a knife. ‘You wanted an honest answer and I gave you the answer I truly believe. If I could take anyone out it would be you.’
‘Why?’ Ariel sipped at her wine.
‘Do you really need to ask? I would ask you out because I fancy you.’ River laughed. Ariel did not. ‘You are my best friend. I have never had a friend until I met you and now you are the greatest thing in my life.’ Ariel could feel her heart starting to beat faster within her chest with each word that left his mouth. ‘You make me laugh, you make me smile, you make me feel good about myself and you make me feel so happy. I love talking to you and I love that we have all the same interests and I think you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.’
‘River stop,’ Ariel held up her hand. In her heart she wanted him to go on, but she had to save him from himself. ‘You are drunk and you don’t mean these things. Please stop before you say something you will end up regretting in the morning.’
‘No,’ he placed his wine down on the coffee table and shuffled closer towards her. He was now facing her. They were no longer talking from either end of the couch. River had entered her personal space and he wanted her to know the truth. ‘I may be drunk, but that does not change the fact that you are beautiful. No, not just beautiful. You are special and unique. Everything about you is perfect.’ Ariel swallowed down the lump in her throat.
Where had he gained this confidence from?
‘You have the most perfect hair, and eyes and your smile always makes my heart melt. When I am near you I cannot stop myself from looking at your legs, your lips and your breasts.’ River slowly started to lean in towards her. Ariel knew that she should turn away and tell him to stop, but she wanted this so badly. ‘You are the most amazing and the most beautiful woman in the world,’ he spoke no louder than a whisper, as his face moved closer towards hers.
‘River we shouldn’t…’ Ariel didn’t sound like she wanted to stop.
‘Why shouldn’t we?’ he looked down at her lips. The lips he wanted to kiss.
‘I…’ Ariel didn’t get to finish.
River pressed his lips against hers.
Butterflies began to kick up a storm within her stomach.
A wave of tingles danced along her spine.
It was a sweet gentle kiss. It was a kiss that held all their true emotions for one another and on some unconscious level they both knew that their relationship had moved beyond friendship a long time ago.
River pulled back from the embrace and smiled. ‘I have wanted to kiss you for so long, but I never knew that it would feel so amazing.’ Ariel looked deep into the windows of his soul. He had such an innocent look about him. These were not words spoken simply to get her into bed. This is how he actually felt. Ariel wanted to laugh and cry all at the same time. She had always thought she had been kidding herself about her feelings for River, but he felt the same way about her.
Ariel leaned forward and pressed her lips against his.
River replied by adding greater pressure to the kiss.
Ariel opened her mouth and welcomed his tongue inside. A warm sensation was starting to build within the depths of her body. The feel of his tongue rolling within her mouth was causing her panties to become slightly damp. Her hands stroked along the side of his smooth clean shaven face and she stroked her fingers through his shaggy blonde hair. The kiss was starting to turn into something darker and deadlier, as they tilted their heads from side to side and allowed their tongues to continue their private dance. She could feel his hand upon her ribcage. The young man had placed it on the part of her body that wouldn’t cause her to feel uncomfortable or nervous.
Was he testing how far she wanted to go?
Slowly she could feel his hand inching its way up towards her breasts, as they continued to make out. A wave of disappointment washed over River, as Ariel pulled back from the kiss.
‘We have to be up really early tomorrow,’ said the voice of reason. Ariel got up off the couch. ‘I should really go to bed.’ She headed towards the bedroom door and then paused. ‘Are you coming?’ she smiled a devious smile and headed into the bedroom. River didn’t need asking twice.
Thank you for sharing this excerpt, Alex. I wish you success. Tomorrow we have Alex's newest release, just a few days old! Come back for a sneak peek at "The Way of the Crescent Moon"


An Open Book said...

"I have wanted to kiss you for so long, but I never knew that it would feel so amazing." Oh how many women have wanted to hear this- great job Alex and Jean
Dawne P

Alex Sinclair said...

Hi Dawne, I am glad you liked the line. Ariel and River are by far my favourite characters that have ever escaped from my mind, lol.

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity Jean. You are a star.