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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Six Sentences, a taste of "Sunny Days, Moonlit Nights"

Six Sentences from  "Sunny Days, Moonlit Nights "

Mike thought about Sunny. Some things she had told him didn’t add up. Being a scientist at heart, Mike was logical and liked to analyze things to get to the essence. Sunny was hiding something but he felt confident, with time, she would confide in him.

He was amazed to find such a beautiful, shapely woman had
emerged from the gangly kid he had known. He felt drawn to her,
just as he had then, trusting her in ways he would never trust
another woman as beautiful as she.

He was delighted to find the funny, smart, independent kid she once was still lived inside that stunning body.


A Little About the Book

Do you have someone in your past you would like to reconnect with?  Caroline Davis White wasn't looking for Mickey, now Mike Foster, her childhood crush, she was fleeing her philandering husband, seeking peace and quiet, time to reflect on changing her life. But there was Mike, saving her from a mishap...again, bigger than life and even more handsome. 

A well-known artist, Sunny thought she could escape, disappear back to the cabin where she spent her summers as a child. But she was wrong. Her husband refused to let her go. There hadn't been a divorce in Brad White's family...ever! And he wasn't about to start breaking the tradition now.  Could Caroline shake him loose and what about Mike? Where did he fit into her life?

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An Open Book said...

"Shapely"- sounds like me- I prefer voluptuous- lol

Rebecca Royce said...

I love the line that he wouldn't trust women as beautiful as she was but he trusts her. Very telling.

KarennaC said...

I like reunion stories, and this sounds like a good one!

Gayle said...

Aw, nice six!

Vivien Jackson said...

This is a nice twist on the beautiful-heroine trope, that he knew her before she was a knockout and really kind of hopes that she's still that person. Makes him a lot less superficial than average romance novel heroes. Nice.

Carolyn Rosewood said...

Oh I really like this!

BG Lashbrooks said...

I like how he is remembering her as a kid, yet is also attracted to her as a woman! Great job and great six!

Lindsay said...

Love the snippet.

Kellie Kamryn said...

Really like it! <3

JoAnne Kenrick said...

Lovely six, Jean! I really like your style :)