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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Not a Six Sentence Sunday, a bigger taste of "Sunny Days, Moonlit Nights"w

Since this week is not an official Six Sentence Sunday, I have included more than six sentences today. Sunny and Mike have been painting her cabin. As we come to this scene, they are finished painting and busy cleaning up.

He washed the paint off his hands, but his
arms and legs were splattered with paint and it was in his hair.

“Let’s change that spigot so you can use the shower,” he said,
pulling out his toolbox. “I’m a mess, hope you don’t mind if I
shower here. I don’t want to get paint in my car.”
“Of course not,” she replied.
“Who showers first with the new spigot?” he asked her.

Sunny felt a little uncomfortable showering with him in the
house so she let him go first. She soon discovered it might have
proven to be a mistake when he came out with just a towel wrapped
around his waist. Sunny caught her breath.

His chest was perfect, covered lightly with dark hair, the
muscles strong and tight. His stomach was flat and his butt was
cute. Sunny’s pulse raced, her body heating up. She wanted
him…couldn’t take her eyes off his body, but she was still married to Brad, so there was nothing she could do about Mike.

“Your turn,” he said, moving toward her parents’ room with
some clothes under his arm.

He moved gracefully, like an athlete, unaware of the effect he
was having on her…as if being clad in only a towel around her was
an everyday occurrence. Sunny disappeared into the bathroom. When she came out, she ran across the kitchen to her parent’s room with a small towel draped around her.

“Slow down, nothing I haven’t seen before,” Mike said with a
low chuckle, his eyes following her form as she vanished into the
master bedroom and slammed the door shut.

She dressed quickly and went out on the deck, stopping first
to admire the new colorful walls in her bedroom and the kitchen.
She loved the colors and he was right, the cabin was much
improved already.

“The new paint looks good,” she said to him.
“You’re as good with a roller on the wall as you are with
a brush on a canvas.”
“Thanks,” she said, blushing.
“Grab that mutt and let’s go,” he said, opening his car door
for her.
Sunny scooped up Trixie, harnessed and leashed her and got
in the car.

A delightful Six Sentence Sunday excerpt from Elaine Cantrell's A New Dream click here

Another brief excerpt from Kay Springsteen can be found if you click here 

A bit about "Sunny Days, Moonlit Nights"
Caroline Davis White, famous artist, runaway wife flees her philandering husband, Brad. She hides out in the old cabin in the Catskills she inherited from her mother, hoping to build a new life on her own.
While she's there, she reconnects with an old friend from her childhood, Mike. Can Caroline escape Brad, who refuses to let her go? What about Mike? She hasn't told him all about herself, has he been up front with her? 

Buy the book here, only $3.99 as an ebook or $9.99 for paperback:


K.T. Bishop said...

This is a very interesting story you've got here!

Naughty Nights Press (NNP); Mistress Journals said...

Sounds delightful Jean! I can't wait to read more. Thanks!

Rawiya said...

Sounds great Jean!