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Friday, June 3, 2011


"I have wanted to kiss you for so long, but I never knew it would feel so good." - Five Days Notice.

There's a quote that will jumpstart your day! It's from a fantastic new romantic suspense book by Alex Sinclair called, Five Days Notice. Alex has been kind enough to visit us today and tell us about how he developed the characters and plot in this terrific book, Alex:

            I never know what characters are going to pop into existence when I start writing. I start each story with a question and I try to unlock the answer. 
            Five Days Notice is based around the simple question of…  How far are people willing to go to survive? I don’t mean in war, but if the world we lived in became dramatically more complicated and there were no new jobs. What if people were forced to work long hours for hardly any pay? If they are the lucky ones then what happens to the rest of society? You can guess from this the world of, Five Days Notice, is a dark and depressing place to live. So, I needed some brilliant characters to bring the story of passion, corruption, betrayal and love to life. All in all there are seven main characters Malcolm the manager, Michael, Kerry, Ariel, Hope, River and Alan.
            Once again I based each character on a question. What if your job was your only anchor to reality? What if you loved someone you were not supposed to? Could you really sell yourself and destroy your morals in order to keep your job? Could you murder someone that you have known for so many years? At what point is enough-enough? And so on. This meant that every character has a different question to answer and this meant drastically different back stories and different motivations as to why they should keep their jobs. It also meant certain characters could and would betray, deceive and manipulate and some couldn’t do that even though that had the means.
            There are two main love stories in, Five Days Notice; the most central one is between Ariel and River. Ariel is in her late thirties and River is in his early twenties. I wanted to show no matter what age, background or personal experiences people can fall in love. The two of them have great chemistry in the book. Writing the dialogue has never been so easy, as it flowed perfectly between them. It is a really sweet and gentle love story about two people that have been madly in love for so long, but never had the courage to take a leap of faith. 
             The other love story is completely opposite. It is purely physical and about a woman manipulating a weak willed married man so that she can keep her job. It is a very hot romance and that doesn’t mean it is wrong. It is a different form of love, as people need different things at certain points in their life and in this relationship both parties benefit.
            There are no good guys or bad guys in, Five Days Notice. Originally I picked one or two people to be the villains, but by the end of the novel you actually end up relating to the reasons why they did it. One man suffers physical abuse by his drunken wife and one of the women characters has a daughter that she would die for. I think that is the beauty of this story and why it is my personal favorite. It is a story about ordinary people in an extraordinary situation. They are pushed to their limits, as they don’t want to become one of the damned in society by losing their job.  The characters go to extreme lengths to make sure that by the end of the working week they still have a job to go to, but you can understand and sympathize with everything that they do. 
              From readers feedback I know many people actually connected with different characters. It meant some people had a happy ending, some had a sad ending, some had a rather unique ending, but from the reviews I am safe to stay that no one was left disappointed.
Romanctic Suspense Novel, Five Days Notice, now only $0.99 on Kindle.

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A novel of intrigue, fear, love, betrayal, and root instinct...The reader is drawn into the chaotic world of the poor and damned, all while focusing on the desires and traumas of River and his love and his willingness to do anything to ensure Ariel does not loose her job in a world where jobs are even rarer than gold...

Thrilling and enticing, Five Days Notice is a fascinating and a must read for indie authors!!!

Julian Drury
Author of   Utopolis

Alex Sinclair has done it right again.
He weaves his tale taking the reader with him as he goes in and out of the personal
struggles and emotion roller coaster of her characters. He does not do it with one
chapter at a time dedicated to each one as many writers before him. He treats us with little snippets of intrigue as we learn to like, unlike and like again those he presents to us.

Before Alex is through we see rational people metamorphose into being: self-destructive, a murder, thief just to stay employed at a dead end job.

Read Five Day Notice and see if you agree who does and who does not deserve to have their lives forever affected by management.Five Days Notice


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