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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Everyday Heroes

Bad men of the world appear in newspapers and on radio and TV daily. Serial killers, rapists, thieves of monumental proportions (like Bernie Madoff). They share face time with huge heroes, like the pilot who landed the plane in the Hudson River or men who save people from drowning.

But no press is given to men who do small unselfish acts everyday. Today is your day guys as I dedicate this blog to the everyday heroes, men I know and don't know who have touched my know who you are:

1) To the two gentlemen who stopped, briefly, to pick me up, one guy on each arm, when I slipped and fell at the bottom of the subway stairs on a rainy day.

2) To the man who stopped in the parking lot of Peck's grocery store in Narrowsburg. The second I put my hands under the hood of my car, he was there, asking me what was wrong and if I needed help. Then he proceeded to show me where to put in the wiper fluid, unscrewed the cap to the little tank and left before I even made eye contact!
3)  To all the men on the streets of New York who have stopped to pick up whatever I dropped before I even bent my knees. Klutz that I am, that number is huge.
4)  To my friend in the community who came down to the lake because I told him I was going there to swim by myself and he felt it was unsafe.
5)  To all the men on airplanes who, when seeing me with a large carry-on bag, stood up and put it in the overhead rack for me without even being asked.
6)  To the thousands upon thousands of men who have held doors open for me, allowing me to pass through first.
7)  To the two young men on line in the grocery store who offered their frequent buyer cards to me so I could get the discounts, too. 
8)  To the man who took the dead mouse out of my mousetrap and disposed of it for me. Yucky! 
9)  To all the young men in high school and college who politely took "no" for an answer and either still continued to date me or became my friend.
10) To all the men who got up to give me a seat on the bus or subway when I was pregnant.
11) To my male writer friends in NRW who encourage me every day and still flirt with me.
12) To the men I met on countless vacations who danced with me, bought me a drink at the bar and didn't hit on me.
13) To the man who came to the emergency room with me on a first date, waited forever and held my hand while I got a tetanus shot. 
14)  To my writing partner, Ben, who encourages me every day, never tells me my ideas are dumb or gives me a hard time about my typos or lack of punctuation and listens, patiently, to me rant about life.
15) To DH who sometimes fixes things before I ask.

To all you everyday heroes, thank you. Thank you for all you've done and continue to do quietly without fanfare...and for the shy smile you give me when I acknowledge your help.

Who are the everyday heroes in your life?

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Kellie Kamryn said...

Great article! Thanks to the friend who googled to make sure a trip destination was safe, to the guys who lift me up when I'm down and remind me there is someone special out there for me when I wonder where the heck he's hiding, and to my dad for just being him. LONG LIVE MEN!

the1940mysterywriter said...

Hats off to my husband, who loves to talk and chat and carry on while I'm working (as he's doing now) and drives me absolutely nuts, and then washes the dishes and makes coffee (good coffee) without even being asked.

Jean said...

Thank you ladies for adding a few more heroes to the list.

Kim Bowman Author said...

Jean and I concur that my hubby, Tony, qualifies as an everyday hero. He does take care of me and our kids. He even let me sleep yesterday and woke me up with lunch! Just one of the little things he does every day:) Mostly, he works hard so I can stay home with our kidlet.

Ursula Whistler said...

That's a great list, Jean. I'm happy to have a husband who is willing to make a drive for me tomorrow so that my hip doesn't hurt.

Kallypso Masters said...

Beautiful list, Jean! A couple adds:

To the elderly gentleman at Denny's who told me to let him know when my book is out so he can download it--not even knowing what I write. (But he did ask if he was in it.)

To my darling hubby who takes care of me every day and allows me to pursue my dream.

I'm sure I could go on and on--but I have to go finish revisions!


Cara Bristol said...

There are far more good people out there than bad ones. We should all take time to recognize this.

Jean said...

Thank you for your additions, ladies and for your comments.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! And so true!

Lovely post!