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Friday, July 22, 2011

Notes from a Yard Sale Junkie

I love yard sales! I have furnished almost all of my little cabin from yard sales. Other people’s “no longer wanted” stuff can become my "gotta have it" find. Yard sailing is the most fun when done with a friend like, Julie Kelly. We bring each other luck and always find something we must have.
While we use the newspaper and shopper guides to set up a yard sailing route in advance, some of our best treasures and most fun experiences come from driving around looking for sales on a beautiful weekend in her convertible.
 If you're planning to have a yard sale this summer, here are a few tips from two pros.

Yard Sale Do's and Don't's
1.     Make your sign big, sometimes we miss small signs.
2.     Indicate how far to the sale on the sign. If it's five miles, we need to know.
3.     Post signs often along the way to keep us on track.
4.     Put your street name on the sign. We get lost easily.
5.     Take your down signs down after the sale is gone if you don't want to find us in your yard again.
6.     Don’t hover over us while we're looking.
7.     No hard sell, please. You may love Aunt Myrtle's lamp but maybe we don't.
8.     Bake cookies for your sale or lemonade on a hot day to sell for a quarter to give away.
9.     Tie up your barking dog, he scares us.
10.  Negotiate with us. Take down your price a bit to close the sale. It makes us feel like we got the bargain of the century.

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Kellie Kamryn said...

All great tips! I haven't been yard saling in a while b/c I always buy things I don't really need and have to find places to put it with all my other stuff!

Jean said...

Thanks, Kellie. Yard sales will do that to you!