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Monday, August 1, 2011

Do you know what a "Slippery Dick" is?

     Research is supposed to help writers be more accurate, right? I want my writing to be authentic. I took shooting lessons to write about learning to shoot a gun. I contacted an old friend, an expert on horses, to gather facts to write two scenes involving riding a horse. Little did I know when I researched fish you can catch in St. Thomas and eat, I'd ending finding the laugh of the year instead.

     I found the slipper dick fish! Yes, there really is a fish called the slipper dick. I located one of the funniest videos ever with a man telling you about the slippery dick fish, with a completely straight face. I roared with laughter.

     The best part is at the end, so view it, have your laugh of the day, but don't turn it off until you hear about the size of the slippery dick...the fish that is!

Slippery Dick Fish video - click here 


Simon Smith-Wilson said...

I don't know where to begin, lol. That was too funny.

Jean said...

Glad you liked it, Simon. Gave me a good laugh, too.