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Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Focus on New Works

Here is more of "The List" a work-in-progress I shared with you all last Friday:

            Carrie was wearing a light green silk dress, cut low and fitted at the waist that brought out the green of her eyes. The skirt was full but soft and clung to her hips and thighs. The air was cool so she had a lightweight white wool coat thrown over her shoulders. When she hit the street, Grey stepped out of a tan car and held the door for her. He looked her over appreciatively, his gaze stopping at her cleavage.
            “You look beautiful,” he said, holding the door.
            She smiled at him, watching his eyes, pleased to see the small light of desire spark there when he looked at her body. He was wearing a charcoal Grey business suit with a blue shirt and a black knit tie. The shirt picked up the blue of his eyes which glittered when they looked at her. He took her hand, sending shivers up her arm, and helped her in the car then eased his six foot frame in next to her. Their shoulders and thighs touched, making Carrie tingle. Grey gave instructions to the driver then took her hand.
            The car stopped at a little French restaurant on Second Avenue called Sans Souci. The tiny place was charming, intimate and romantic inside with dark turquoise walls and red tablecloths. There was a table in the corner set for two with candles and a bottle of wine waiting. Grey held out her chair then sat down next to her, instead of across from her.
            The Maitre d’ came by and placed napkins in their laps and asked for drink orders.
            Carrie shook her head.
            “Just water, please.”
            “Are you sure?”
            “I have to work after the ballet, so I need to be awake.”
“Wine with dinner?” He asked.
She nodded.
            “Tell me what is keeping you so busy,” Grey asked, pouring out the wine.
            Carrie spent the next ten minutes regaling him about the stress of trying to save the Country Lane Cosmetics account and her worries about her bosses. He quietly took her hand and listened attentively.
            “What about you? What exactly do you do and how did you get there?”
            “Big questions here, can’t be answered in a few simple sentences. Let’s order first.”
            Carrie ordered coq au vin, Grey, steak au poivre, then he began his tale.
            “I worked like a dog for ten years to amass as much money as I could. I was lucky with investments, very lucky. Now I’m an investor, a partner in an investment banking company looking to back green companies.”
            “That’s admirable. Do you work…like a regular job?”
            “Sort of. When we have a company we’re looking at, work can get intense with longer hours and many meetings. I find it exciting helping new companies. We have slow time, too. Sometimes I spend days and days doing nothing but research…”
            “Can’t imagine you stuck with a computer or a stack of papers and not out talking to people.”
            “I am a people guy but every business has its downside. Tell me more about you.”
            “For instance?” She asked.
            “Do you cook?”
            “For one? Rarely.”
            “If you were…uh…more than one, would you cook?”
            “Depends. Maybe.”
            “What kind of home life did you have as a kid?”
            “For a family with money, we were about average...parents always busy, fending for ourselves…”
            “A brother. You?”
            “A brother and two sisters.”
            “No, second. Have an older sister.”
            “Close to your family?” She asked.
            “Very. You?”
            “Not so much. My parents live in Arizona, my brother in Chicago.”
            “Did you celebrate holidays, have family traditions?”
            “Why all the questions? This feels like a job interview…”
            He looked down at the tablecloth and blushed at his own transparency.
            “Sounds like an interview for a wife,” she said, her keen eyes searching his face.
            “How do you feel about family? Want one? Want kids?” He continued.
            “Kids? Absolutely. Home life? Have always wanted to create the one I never had. Hoping to have a Currier & Ives Christmas someday…”she said, rather wistfully.
            He grinned.
            “And you?” She asked, turning her gaze on him.
            “I want it all,” he said simply.
            “The whole thing?”
            “Kids, Christmas, house…everything…with the right woman,” he admitted.
            “So…is this a job interview for a wife?” She persisted.
            He took a sip from his wine glass.
            “Getting to know you, that’s all,” he said, sidestepping the question.
            She eyed him suspiciously when the waiter arrived with their food. 
            Grey watched Carrie dig into her food enthusiastically and felt happy he invited her. Obviously she needed a good meal. He looked at her face while they ate. With her eyes on her food, he could study her without detection. Her oval face had smooth, delicate skin with a slight blush in her cheeks. Her nose was straight and grown-up looking, her chin strong but feminine. Her honey hair curled slightly around her face softening her looks. He was enchanted.

            “This is delicious,” she said, her mouth half full.

            He laughed.

            “Take it easy, no need to rush. We have plenty of time.”         “I’m starved. Do you want a taste? It’s incredible…” she offered.

            He nodded. She picked up her knife to slice off a piece for him, but he put his hand down over hers, stopping her.

            “Like this, from your mouth," he said, leaning over and gently placing his lips on hers. His tongue barely skimmed the surface of her lower lip, then her upper lip, tasting the sauce still lingering there. Gently his lips coaxed hers open and his tongue dipped in just far enough to share the taste of chicken on her tongue. She closed her eyes.             
Carrie didn’t move, her breathing becoming rapid, as his tongue took one last gentle swipe over her lips then he sat up.

"Ummm. Delicious," he said, his eyes glistening.

More from "The List" next Friday.

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