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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Sexy Night at the Museum Chap. One

Sexy Night at the Museum

        Liza and Dr. Rick Banks walked from the D.C. subway to his town house in the tony Foggy Bottom section of Washington, D.C. It was a narrow brick house painted white. The wood shutters and the front door were painted a pale warm green. There was a big brass door knocker polished to a shine on the front door.
        “Which apartment is yours?” She asked.
        “I own the building and have the first two floors. I’ve rented out the two upper floors to nice, quiet people,” he explained.
        He opened the door and stepped back to let her in. Liza walked into a cozy living room with a fireplace all laid out for a fire. The idea of cuddling up with Rick in front of the fire gave her goosebumps. He followed her in, closed and latched the door.
        “Are you hungry? Don’t know what I have in the fridge, but…”
        “Let’s see,” she said moving to the back of the house where the kitchen was.
        She opened the refrigerator door, looked around then closed the door.
        “We could live on love…” he began, moving his lips to her neck.
        “Or I could make a couple of omelets,” she finished.
        “I love omelets. I have some wine…Carbernet's, my favorite.”
        “Mine, too! Soak that shirt before the stain sets.”
        “I’m going to throw away the shirt,” he said before lowering his lips to hers.
        He kissed her with a hunger she had not known from any other man. She melted against him, her hands folded behind his neck, her body so close to his a whisper wouldn’t pass between them. He angled his mouth to deepen the kiss setting her pulse racing. She could feel his arousal pressing against her with urgency as her own desire began to spike.
        Rick’s hands slipped under the back of her blouse and crept up to unlatch her bra. He moved his hand around to the front, capturing then massaging her breast and making her moan. He kissed his way down her neck while she buried her face in his shoulder, focusing on the exquisite sensations he was creating in her. Then the doorbell rang.
        Startled, the pair jumped back. Liza gave him a quizzical look and he shrugged his shoulders. While she righted her bra and blouse, he answered the door.
        “Hi, Rick. Hope I’m not disturbing you.”
        Liza followed him to the door and the tall brunette woman at the door looked at her, then at Rick and got embarrassed.
        “Oh my God. I am disturbing you. I’m so sorry. I just wanted to pick up my mail…then I’m out of your way.”
        Rick reached over to a large, white ceramic bowl on an antique chest in the entryway and fisted the letters and magazines lying there.
        “No problem Gwen,” he said, blushing slightly and placing his arm around Liza.
        “Hi, I’m Liza,” she said, extending her hand.
        “Gwen Baxter. I live one flight up. I’m a flight attendant. Rick always keeps my mail when I’m out of town,” she explained, grabbing the letters and making a hasty retreat.
        “Nice to meet you,” Liza said to her retreating back as Rick closed the door.
        “Sorry about that.”
        “Nice quiet people upstairs? She’s gorgeous,” Liza said, turning to stare at him.
        “Is she? Hadn’t noticed. She travels a lot. Quiet, you know.”
        Liza laughed, not quite believing his words.
        “Now where were we?” Rick asked, pulling her closer.
        “Dinner, remember?” She said, moving toward the kitchen.
        “It’s chilly in here, would you like a fire?”
        Liza nodded before she disappeared into the kitchen. Fifteen minutes later, they were curled up on the sofa in front of the fire eating pepper and cheese omelets and drinking wine. Rick made sure Liza’s glass never got empty as if he was trying to get her drunk, though that was unnecessary.
        “This is delicious. Do you cook much?”
        “I’m in with five other people, roommates take advantage if you cook,” she responded.
        Rick’s eyes lit up as he looked at her.
        “Then you can stay here tonight…”
        She smiled enigmatically.  
        “We’ll see,” she said, putting her empty plate down on the coffee table, then turning to face the fire.
        Rick finished his food quickly. He inched closer to Liza after putting his plate on top of hers. Liza snuggled into his shoulder, mesmerized by the dancing flames of the fire.
        “You look incredibly beautiful,” he said, watching the light from the fire highlight her golden hair.
        She turned to face him and he captured her mouth again in a long kiss. She slid her hands up his chest as he eased her down on the sofa, stretching her body out. He covered her with his and the kissing got intense.
        Rick made quick work of her blouse, bra and his shirt. They were embracing skin to skin, her nipples hard as pebbles against his firm chest, his arms holding her close, his hand on her thigh, inching up. When his fingers touched her core, she groaned loudly. He made quick work of removing his pants. Then unzipped her skirt and helped her out of it. His eyes were as bright as the flames burning in the fireplace when he looked at her body clad only in pink lace panties.
        “You are incredible. Better than my dreams,” he muttered, slipping his boxers off, revealing his erection. He slipped his leg between her thighs and brought it up against her. Rolling on his side, he hooked his thumbs into her panties, slipping them down and off. His hand gripped her bottom and squeezed.
“You feel so good,” he said, burying his face in her neck. Her
hands gripped his back and moved down, palms flat to
feel his muscles and rest on his butt. She squirmed underneath him as he slowly moved his hand around to her inner thigh while his mouth came down on hers. Liza bent her knee, allowing him to position himself between her legs as the doorbell rang again.
Rick picked his head up and looked at the door then down at Liza and returned to kissing her.
        “I know you’re in there. There’s smoke from the chimney. Rick, just a minute…promise…” a male voice called.
        Rick didn’t move.
        “Come on, Rick. Just need you for a second…”
        “Roger!” the doctor exclaimed.
        Rick got up slowly, putting his pants on. He picked up a throw off the sofa arm and draped it over Liza, then went to the door. He turned the latch and yanked it open.
        “What is it?” He demanded in an icy tone.
        “Hold this a sec, will ya?” A man in his forties said.
        Roger was holding a big box he thrust into Rick’s hands. Looking over the doctor’s shoulder, he spied Liza lying on the sofa with the blanket covering all of her up to her shoulders.
        “Oh, my. Sorry, chap,” Roger muttered.
        He ran up to his apartment, opened the door wide and ran back down again. After relieving Rick of the big box, he headed up the stairs again, calling down.
        “Sorry for the interruption. Carry on.”
        Just as Rick was about to close the door, Gwen stuck her head in.
        “Here, this is yours. Must have gotten mixed in with mine.”
        She handed three envelopes to Rick then disappeared down the front steps. Rick closed the door.
          “Quiet?” Liza asked.
           “Come on,” he said, returning to the sofa and taking her hand. She wrapped the small blanket around her body and followed Rick up the stairs into his bedroom and closed the door.



Siobhan Kinkade said...

Sexy and funny... I absolutely love it. Can't wait to read the next bit!

Kathleen Ball said...

WOW what a kiss!!!!

Anonymous said...

You're killing me with these interruptions! Geez! :)

Jean said...

Thanks for stopping by. I guess they will have to consummate their love affair at some point. Just don't know when that will be, exactly. LOL. Maybe next week.