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Monday, September 12, 2011

TUESDAY TALES - Sexy Night at the Museum

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            Liza began to see eluding Angela’s watchful eye at the museum as a game. She and Rick were formal with each other whenever they worked together. Liza continued to bring him his coffee in the morning and on late nights, but now he would pat her behind or steal a kiss when she came in.
Collecting a specimen to return to the file after he finished with it, Liza lingered long enough to rest a hand on his chest or let him cradle her breast. Several times they narrowly escaped detection when Angela walked into a room. Occasionally they passed in the hall, flushed from making out in the copy room and struggling to keep from laughing when they walked by Angela’s desk.
            Liza tried to concentrate on the work she was doing but it difficult. While Rick seemed perfectly capable of separating his lust for her from his fascination with birds, Liza didn’t find it easy. The more they made love, the more time they spent together, the more she wanted him. While he was attractive to her before, now he was as essential to her well-being as the air she breathed.
            She moved into his townhouse and he continued to drop her several blocks from the museum each day so the administrators would remain in the dark about their relationship. This was necessary to keep them both from getting fired. There was a strict no-fraternization rule after the museum got sued several years ago.  
            “We will be preparing several special exhibits, Liza,” Rick said, carefully picking up a stuffed bird.
            She turned her full attention to him.
            “This year we’re doing exhibits by continent. We’ll have two continents of birds on exhibit together for three months, then rotate to another two continents. Of course the United States will have its own exhibit and not share with another continent.       
            “That’s wonderful! But it’s going to take months to sort, retrieve and prepare all those birds for exhibit, let alone create the exhibit.”
            “Right. The museum is bringing on extra staff. A boatload of interns have been hired for slave wages,” Rich explained.
            “So am I staying beyond October?” She asked, her pulse racing.
            “I’ve requested you stay for the entire year. I couldn’t possible do this without you,” he said, looking right into her eyes, taking both her hands with his.
            “I don’t think I can continue to sneak around like we do,” she whispered.
            “No problem. We won’t have to.”
            “What about Angela?”
            “I’ve learned Angela’s little secret,” he confided, his eyes dancing with merriment.
            “Angela’s little secret?” Liza asked, cocking her head slightly.
            “Gerald in accounting told me. We’re home free,” he said, pulling her closer.
            “Are you sure?”
            “I’m a scientist, Liza, would I tell you I’m sure if I wasn’t?”
            “So what is her little secret?”
            “It seems she’s been after me to divert attention from her real lover…Mae in accounting.”
            “Angela is a lesbian and doesn’t want anyone to know. Besides, she’s breaking the fraternization rule herself by sleeping with Mae. So we’re safe.”
            Liza flew into Rick’s arms for a long kiss as they were alone in the museum.
            “Let’s go home where I can show you how truly grateful I am,” Liza said, pulling on his sleeve.
            Rick smiled at her and began to pack up to leave. Liza helped and they were done in no time. When they reached his townhouse, Liza started undressing on the stairs and they barely made it to the bedroom before satisfying each other.
            Just after turning out the light, Rick sat up. Liza rolled over.
            “There is another way to stop worrying about getting fired,” he said, his eyes adjusting to the dark as he reached for her.
            “What?” She asked, half-asleep.
            “We could get married,” he whispered.


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Anonymous said...

I'm really loving this story... I can't wait to see what happens next week! :)

Kylia said...

I cant read the earlier chapters. How do I get to them?