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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


 It's a pleasure to have my friend, DH Starr, as my guest today. He's got a new release, Premonition. Please welcome him. He has brought an excerpt to share today and will send a FREE BOOK to one person leaving a comment selected at random. Welcome DH Starr!

Dear Readers:
It's with great pleasure that I announce my newest release, Premonition, through MLR Press. This is my first foray into the paranormal, so I kept the extend of the paranormal to a minimum. Martin has the ability to have premonitions, but other than random vision, he's just as normal (or not normal) as you and me. That being said, this is more of a contemporary than a paranormal. I just LOVE fantasy and imagining what life would be like if we had abilities we currently don't have.

What was fun about writing this book is how it breaks away from my typical style of writing books which are driven by the emotional journeys of the characters. I'm accustomed to allowing the character's relationships and the angst they find in their lives to bring you and me on a journey of discovery. 

In this book, it's the action that drives the plot. But rest assured, Martin and Justin experience a great deal of angst and relationship turmoil. What would a good romance be without that?
So, I hope you enjoy this blurb and that it entices you to give the book a shot. I'd love to know what you think once you read it.
Oh, and while I'm here, can I just say Thank you to Lee for allowing me to guest post and for writing the wonderful stories he does. I can't wait fro Dan's story, the next installment in the Truth or Dare series to come out. I've loved the first three so much.

If you want to purchase Premonition the buy links are:
MLR Press
All Romance eBooks

Thanks and happy reading.
DH Starr

Every detail counts when it's a race against time. Martin Proctor has been on the Boston Police Force for ten years.  His 
record is impeccable and he's helped his precinct and captain  maintain one of the best crime records in the city. But no one knows  Martin has premonitions which help him solve cases others find impossible. 

Justin Franklin is also on the Boston force. Justin may not have  supernatural abilities, but as an openly gay man, he possesses a courage  that draws Martin in.
When Martin has a premonition about the death of Justin's brother and  fails to save him, their lives become intertwined. As they work together  to discover the truth behind Larry's murder, Martin foresees Justin's  death. 
The closer they come to cracking their case, the less time Martin has  to piece together his fragmented visions and save Justin before it's too late.


Justin shifted, staring out at the road as if afraid to even glance at Martin. “I’ve been thinking about you, and…” His jaw tensed, causing the muscle to bulge and relax in a rhythmic fashion. “Fuck.”

Martin pulled into an abandoned parking lot a few blocks away. Martin barely registered movement before Justin unfastened his safety belt and slid his hands behind Martin’s neck. Pulling him close, he closed his mouth over Martin’s, hot wetness sealing them together as Justin ran his tongue along closed lips, begging entrance. Opening to Justin, he allowed the waters of his pent-up desires to flood out of him and into their first kiss.

Strong hands slid along Martin’s shirt, teasing heat into his nipples. Martin tasted a musky spiciness that made things inside him spark like a road flare. As tongues wrestled, lust coursed through his veins, sparks of ivory lights flashing behind his eyes. Wave after wave of soothing release roared through him, washing doubt, fear, and solitude away, leaving only a sense of connection. That one feeling, of belonging, of being wanted, wiped away all other doubts and fears during those suspended moments of fevered passion.

His hands wandered along Justin’s body, learning new planes of muscle; the narrow curve of his hip, the firm strength of his chest, the delicate cant of his neck. Martin wanted it all.
He cupped his hand over Justin’s groin, pressing against the fabric so his fingers molded around the solid shaft. Larger than Martin imagined, Justin’s hard-on had traveled down his leg so the head reached nearly a third of the way down his thigh. He must easily be 8 or 9 inches and he’s thick too. A muffled groan escaped from deep inside, resonating inside Justin’s mouth as he imagined stripping Justin out of his pants, his cock standing at attention in front of him.
Justin finally pulled out of the kiss, his voice a purring rasp. “I’ve wanted to kiss you since the first moment we met.”
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An Open Book said...

This is completely out of your normal realm of writing Doug- awesome! I love when authors take the leap and do a genre that's different then the norm- Kudos


dawne dot

KarennaC said...

Great excerpt, DH! Can't wait to read the rest of the book.

Of course, I have a soft spot for stories set in Boston anyway...

Kellie Kamryn said...

Hot excerpt! What a great interview :) All the best with it!

Patsy said...

Very good exerpt. I really enjoyed it. Can hardly wait to read the entire book!

DH Starr said...

Thanks for your responses. This was a fun book to write.