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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Be an Elf to Yourself! Buy a Novella for $.99!



Looking for a treat for yourself or an unusual, inexpensive gift? Here are two contemporary romance novellas sure to give you a lift through the holidays and provide a unique, low-cost gift for a friend or a last-minute, quickie gift for someone new to your list. 

Both books are available on Smashwords, so you can buy them in pdf format for friends and family who don't have ereaders.


Can happily ever after start with a list? Grey Andrews thinks so. After ten years of working, saving and investing, Grey finally achieved a level of wealth that allows him to do what he wants with his life. He needs a woman to share it with, but not any woman, the perfect woman. A woman who has the three essential qualities on his marriage list. But after three years of searching he isn’t any closer to finding her than he was when he started out.
 Carrie Tucker, an aspiring mystery writer and divorcĂ©e struggling to make it in the world of advertising, turned her focus from men to her career after dating too many creeps and losers. She’s finally earned her big break, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become the first female creative director in a hot New York ad agency. So what if it means working nights and weekends? It’s not like she has a social life anyway.
Is the marriage list a failure or will a chance meeting at a fiction-writing conference prove the list to be the key to Grey’s happiness after all? 
Chapter One
Envy burned in Grey's chest as he walked through the door at
Blondie‟s, the sports bar on West 79th Street. His three best buddies had it all, great jobs and great wives, while at 30 years old, Grey was still working night and day, saving every penny and sleeping alone…most nights. 

Tonight he faced the challenge of listening to them brag without letting the smile slip off his face.The bar was beginning to get noisy with baseball games on three TVs and rowdy laughter. Grey wondered when it'd be his turn for happiness. He got a table and downed a drink before his friends arrived, brushing a careless hand through his sandy hair.
His hazel eyes swept the room for eligible women. There were a
couple at the bar, talking to each other, looking pretty hot. Later, he'd try to drum up some action. One looked over at him, her gaze moving over his body slowly and her broadening smile indicated she approved of what she saw. Her blonde hair and ample chest made it hard for him to turn his gaze back to the door, where Will was entering, followed by Spence.
Grey raised his hand in greeting to his buddies as they made their
way to his table. This was their quarterly get-together for a couple of beers and dinner. Though they were eight years out of college, when they were together it was like old times hanging at the fraternity. Practically inseparable in college, they called themselves the “Four Horsemen”.
When Bobby arrived, they motioned to the waitress for another pitcher of beer. After placing their food orders, the Horsemen settled back in their chairs. Grey opened the conversation.
“So how's married life treating you guys?”
“Thinking about tying the knot, Grey?” Bobby asked.
“That would be news,” Will put in, before taking a swig of beer.
“Yeah, yeah, 'Grey Andrews, tired of screwing different women
every night sets the date'” Spence said, making quotation marks in the air with his hands.
“I‟ll drink to that,” Will said, raising his mug in a mock toast.
“You‟ll drink to anything!” Bobby piped up.
“So who is she?” Spence asked, narrowing his eyes and gazing at
“No one. There's no one,” Grey said, his shirt collar feeling
suddenly tight. He reached up and unbuttoned his shirt then took a deep breath.
“Sure, sure. You don't have to tell us, but we‟ll find out
eventually,” Will said.
“Come on, guys, I‟m serious,” Grey continued.
“So you‟ve stopped working sixty hour weeks and sleeping with
whatever you could pick up at a bar?” Bobby asked.
“Gonna kick out your roommate and squeeze a wife into that
overloaded place you live?” Will asked.
“I'm looking.”
“So the nest egg is fat enough now, got enough cash and you're
ready for the next step? Grey, you plan like a girl,” Spence chuckled and the other two laughed with him.
“So marriage isn't so great for you guys, huh? Is that what I‟m
hearing?” Grey said, smirking.



 Can a craving for mint chip ice cream and a passion for the theater turn a summer romance into everlasting love? Clint is a high school English teacher and a budding playwright. Nina is a former actress, now a beautiful and wealthy widow...who is more than a little lonely. A chance meeting over mint chip ice cream brings them together. Their love of the theater keeps them meeting while their love blossoms despitea gap in their ages. But ultimately, the theater may present the one hurdle they can’t clear. Take the journey with Nina and Clint through their discovery of each other, their joy and the ultimate compromise they must make to live their dream of footlights, fame and love.
The sultry August air felt heavy around Nina Wells, and it quickly melted the ice cream in her sundae. Gazing up at the clear night sky to look for the Big Dipper, Nina dribbled fudge sauce on her white tee shirt. She reached for a napkin, realized she’d forgotten to take one, and doubled back to the ice cream stand before the stain set.

She rushed up to the tiny counter with the napkin holder right as a tall, good looking man holding a double mint chip cone turned. They collided. His ice cream fell onto her chest, causing her to gasp at the shock of cold against her skin. She looked up into his light brown eyes as she reached for the melting ball of ice cream. He grunted and slipped one arm around her to keep her from losing her footing. She stood wobbling, mesmerized by him; he was almost a whole foot taller than she with light brown hair and shoulders a mile wide. Nina shifted the ice cream ball from hand to hand, not knowing what to do with it.

“I don’t think you can put that back on the cone. Maybe the garbage?” He suggested with a grin.

Nina jerked back to reality and stepped toward the garbage, tossing what was left of the melted ice cream ball in.

            “I’m so sorry. I’ll buy you another one,” she said, reaching for napkins to wipe her shirt and hands.

            “It was my fault…completely. You don’t have to buy me another. I still have one scoop here and I’ll just…” he said, approaching her with napkins in his hand, then stopped his hand in midair, color suffusing his face.

“It’s okay. I’ve got this. Get your other scoop,” she said, raising a hand to stop him from wiping her shirt.
The young woman behind the counter offered him a replacement scoop free. Nina sat down at the picnic table set up for people to eat outside. After a good look at her shirt she knew it was finished. The tall attractive man joined her.

“At least let me pay for a new shirt,” he offered, sitting down next to her on the bench.

“It’s okay. I had a spill on it already. That’s why I was coming back and got in your way,” she said, finishing the last of her sundae.

“What flavor?” He asked.

“Mint chip…is there any other?” She laughed.

“Not for me.”

Nina’s gaze was drawn to his mouth, then his tongue, as he licked the cold confection off the cone first, then off his lips. She ran her tongue over her bottom lip unconsciously in tandem with him.

Wonder what it would feel like to kiss him.




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