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Monday, December 5, 2011

TUESDAY TALES - Prompt: "Fire"

This is a snippet from my newest release, "Champagne for Christmas"
          The heat she felt for him rose in her chest…flirting came back so easily, like riding a bicycle. She looked right into his eyes. He stepped closer to her, staring at her lips as she raised her chin, bringing her gaze to his. His mouth came down on hers, softly, gently, testing the way, waiting for her response.

Nina could not believe the electricity traveling through her body at the touch of his lips. She grasped the table to steady herself but it was unnecessary as his arm snaked around her waist and held her fast, pulling her slowly up against him. Then he stepped back.


She put her finger on his lips and he stopped talking. Her hands grasped the lapels of his shirt and pulled him down to her. She closed her eyes and his lips found hers again. A soft kiss progressed to a passionate kiss as she melted in his arms. He angled his head and deepened the kiss. Nina relaxed as he pulled her flush up against him, crushing her breasts into his chest. She drove all thought from her mind and allowed her senses to take over. He tasted like champagne and smelled woodsy. Her hands touched his neck and crept up into his hair, the strands tickling her palms. His hands slid down over her behind and squeezed gently. She uttered a soft moan as her excitement grew. She wanted him, wanted him as she had not wanted a man in a long time.

Clint broke from her and stood back. They stared at each other, waiting for their breathing to return to normal. Nina could see the fire in his eyes and knew hers matched his.

“Dinner,” he said.

“Must we?”

  Nina clapped her hand over her mouth, surprised at her bold suggestion. A wicked grin spread across his face.

“You’re my guest. Choice is up to you…if you would like to start with dessert first, who am I to refuse…”

She reached up and gently moved a lock of hair out of his eyes. She had mussed up his carefully combed hair so she felt responsible for righting it. He took her hand and kissed the palm.

“The choice is yours, my lady.”

“Am I?”

“Are you what?”

“Your lady?”

“I hope so.”

Keeping hold of her hand he slowly pulled her closer until she was in his arms again. She rested her cheek against his chest, listening to the rapid beat of his heart. He tilted her chin up for another kiss. No holding back.

While their tongues danced, his hand circled her breast, feeling its weight, the fingers closing gently around the soft flesh. Nina gave a tiny gasp but didn’t change her position.  His fingertips came up to caress the exposed top of her breast and she moaned at the skin-to-skin contact. Her small hand unbuttoned one button of his shirt and slipped underneath to feel the hardness of his chest and the soft hair there. A groan escaped from his throat as his passion became evident to her.

Feeling heat consuming her, Nina stepped back from Clint and took his hand.

“Dessert first,” she announced.

He smiled at her and moved toward the stairs, keeping hold of her hand, pulling her gently along behind him.

Nina thought of all the things she should say, the excuses about her body and what breast feeding does to one’s breasts and how eight more years of gravity pulls things down…but she held her tongue. After all, this was Clint. He knew all that and she saw by the heat of his gaze he didn’t care. She was his lady and he wanted to make love to her.

So she shut her mouth, smiled, and followed him up the stairs. 
Cafe in Greenwich Village where Nina & Clint go
A bit about the book
Can a craving for mint chip ice cream and a passion for the theater turn a summer romance into everlasting love? Clint is a high school English teacher and a budding playwright. Nina is a former actress, now a beautiful and wealthy widow...who is more than a little lonely. A chance meeting over mint chip ice cream brings them together. Their love of the theater keeps them meeting while their love blossoms despite a gap in their ages. But ultimately, the theater may present the one hurdle they can’t clear. Take the journey with Nina and Clint through their discovery of each other, their joy and the ultimate compromise they must make to live their dream of footlights, fame and love.

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Karen said...

Hot! I especially loved the end when she's thinking about her body. I can relate to that. Funny how we let our imaginations get the best of us.

Lovely piece.

Sherry Gloag said...

Awesome 'tale'. I love the way you paint her insecurities and then have her blow them away. :-0

Kathleen Ball said...

I bought your book it is next on the list to be read so I didn't read your blog- but I wanted to say hi- I love your writing and didn't want a preview I want to enjoy it all new!!

Shara said...

Great tension and description, Jean!

Lindsay said...

I'm SO loving the story

S.E said...

That was intense


Cecilia M. said...

Oh so romantic, and intense. Love it!