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Monday, February 27, 2012


Thank you for visiting. Last week we left Kit Tucker, newly divorced, at Bon Appetit, sitting at the bar when a handsome man sits down next to her and begins a conversation:

The thought of a man hitting on her filled her with dread. She felt afraid, vulnerable. It had been so long since she had been single, she didn’t know how to handle herself and the last thing she needed was some predatory male looking to take her to bed and dump her. She tugged at her dress, trying to pull it lower on her thigh.
“I’m married,” she lied. 
“Don’s kidding. I don’t do that,” the man said, embarrassed staining his cheeks.
“This is Tunney Nichols, miss…?”
“It’s missus. Kit Alexander. Mrs. Kit Alexander,” she said, stiffly.
Tunney put out his hand and Kit took it. It was a big, strong, warm, calloused hand closing around hers. She tried to smile at him but could only manage a small lifting of the corners of her mouth. His eyes looked her over from head to toe, making her more uncomfortable, and then retreated behind a polite mask. He dialed down his 1,000 watt grin.
“You from Willow Falls?”
“New York City,” she replied. Am I? Am I still from New York City? I’m not from anywhere anymore. Kit took a deep steadying breath to force back the tears forming at the back of her eyes.

Tunney raised his eyebrows as she felt his stare. She turned her head away, blinking rapidly and took another deep breath. When she turned back his questioning look was gone.
“I don’t usually try to pick up married woman…let me rephrase that. I never try to pick up married women,” he chuckled. “But having a companion to talk to during dinner is far preferable to eating alone…especially such an attractive one.”
Kit blushed and a small smile curved her lips up at the corners.
“I agree. I hate to eat alone.”




Dakota Trace said...

And the plot thickens - I do hope that Tunney can cheer Kit up.

Christina Cole said...

So many questions for Kit to deal with. You've captured her mindset well.

Karen said...

Wow. You totally left me hanging. I can't wait to see what happens between Kit and Tunney. I know one thing's for sure, I feel a romance brewing. I agree with Christina. You really got us into her mind. Great job.

Sherry Gloag said...

Ditto what the others have said :-) i so want to know/read more.

Lindsay said...

Love the hook at the end. What or who is dessert?

Tai Vicari said...

My heart breaks for Kit. It's a terrible emotional place for a person to be when dealing with divorce. This is going to be a great story I just know it. Many women are going to appreciate it.

Lena said...

I like Kit's sass :) but I hope she doesn't scare Tunney away!