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Monday, March 12, 2012


First story in the Hollywood Hearts series. This WIP doesn't have a name yet.

“I always said, he’s got the looks, the charm and she’s got the brains.” Mary Davis’ voice carried beyond the master bedroom.
“Shhh, she’ll hear you.” Her father shut the door.
Those words had been ringing in Megan’s head since she was eight. And she couldn’t disagree. Her twin brother, Mark was blond, blue-eyed and gorgeous. Megan had straight brown hair and dark brown eyes, nothing to write home about. Everyone loved the outgoing Mark Davis and few knew his shy sister, Megan.
On the football field her beloved brother could complete more passes than any other quarterback in his high school or college. Megan maintained a 3.8 average without breaking a sweat. They both attended Wellington College in Pennsylvania where Megan gave her brother a leg up with his schoolwork and he helped her get dates.
After graduation, Mark headed for the Delaware Demons, eventually becoming their starting quarterback while Megan headed to Harvard Business School.
New York City – ten years later.
Megan knocked on the door of her brother’s room.
“Get up, you two. Breakfast is ready and I’ve got to go.”
She heard a rumbling noise then the sound of large feet hitting the floor. A few seconds later her handsome brother opened the door. Scratching his stubbly face and wearing only boxers he yawned.
“Timing has never been your strong suit, Meg.”
She led him to the breakfast nook. A few paces behind him, an embarrassed Penny Davis, Mark’s wife, was fastening her robe.
“Sorry but it’s my first day and I need to be on time.”
“Penny and I can make our own breakfast…when we’re ready, you know.”
Megan turned and flashed a one thousand watt smile at her brother.
“I like to do it when you’re here. Part of my concierge service.” Megan placed two plates with scrambled eggs and bacon on the table.The six foot four inch athlete shoved his sister playfully in the shoulder and folded his large frame into a seat.
“Still not sure this ‘arrangement’ is such a good idea.” Mark picked up a mug of coffee prepared the way he liked with a dash of sugar and plenty of milk. Penny slid into the seat next to Mark and sipped her coffee.
“Ten years from now, you’ll be glad you have this money.”
“Collecting rent from my sister feels…wrong somehow.”
“I have to pay rent to someone. You own this place, I pay rent into a fund for college for your kids...a win win.”
“Don’t have any kids…yet. And if you keep interrupting like that…we won’t!”
 “Very funny, Mark.”
He leaned over and kissed his wife.
“I’m your financial planner and I know what’s best for your future…both of you.” Megan brushed off her suit jacket.
“If you say so. It’s all Greek to me.” Mark picked up his fork and tucked into the eggs on the plate in front of him.
“Someone has to protect your money, Mark. You sure as hell can’t do it.”
“Got that right. But you can’t throw a pass either.”
Megan put her empty mug down on the table.
“Good luck today, Meg.” Mark squeezed her forearm gently.
“Thanks, Big Guy.” Megan bent down and kissed the top of Mark’s head and shot a smile at Penny before she picked up her briefcase and went out the door.


Tai Vicari said...

I'm intrigued. I need to know why they are living at Megan's and is it uncomfortable with Penny? I mean I get this feeling that it's not all peaches and cream with Megan and Penny?

Iris B said...

I'm intrigued too. AND confused. So they're living at Megan's, but why does he say "Collecting rent from my sister feels…wrong somehow.” ... Can't wait for more. And nice pic, Jean :-)

Christina Cole said...

Interesting characters in an interesting situation...good way to start off a new story. Best of luck with the Hollywood Hearts series.

Lindsay said...

This is going to be another great Jean story.

C R Ward said...

You're off to a great start. I want to keep going to find out what happens next.

Sherry Gloag said...

Plenty going on here. penny's not saying much, I wonder why. Great visuals in this excerpt.