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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Welcome, Davee, tell us something about yourself. I write in several genres, like, Romance, Erotic Romance, Thrillers, coming soon YA. I have three published books, On Ellicott Street, Finless, and Ruby's Dance-Thank You Mae West. See a little bit about the books following my bio. I also recently began reviewing books and will post reviews from time to time. 
 Rather than talk about myself *blushes*, here's my official bio: Davee Jones began a career in the counseling field with her M.Ed. She then diversified and began work for the federal government. The dryness of the day to day assignments fostered the desire for her to do something more creative. Because writing was always a passion, she used every opportunity to journal and create fictional worlds with her words. She began writing short fiction and books, inspired by the events around her.
Now avidly writing in the little spare time she has, she has several other books in progress. She has books that draw from eroticism, romance, suspense, drama, and sometimes comedy. A few of her books garner only one flame, but, others will secure all five flames in the heat index.

My first published book, On Ellicott Street, describes an older woman finding love in a most unusual place. Although the demands of being a single parent seemingly have taken over every aspect of her life, when Cassie meets Ellicott (Eli for short), this younger man teaches her a thing or two about romance and how to rekindle the fires of intimacy she thought had long been extinguished.


My second published book, Finless, released in early April by my publisher, Secret Cravings Publishing (SCP).  Finless is an erotic romance of 193 pages riddled with BDSM. It is a M/F storyline. Before you groan in angst at yet another "book on the bandwagon", akin to the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomena, please entertain my promise this book is nothing common or trite. I attempt to present graphic imagery to take my readers not only to the scene in the book, but, hope they will develop their own personalization of it in their mind. I also write to appeal to both genders. My novel is a type of Black Swan meets Fifty Shades of Grey. I have a sequel in the works, Finless Too, to further explore the character's lives.
The story connects fish, BDSM play, spirituality, sexuality, and the extreme decisions in the lives of the books’ protagonists to meld one story of tremendous revelations. Finless includes descriptive scenes of rhythmic caning, bondage, almost violent expressive dreams, and other explicit content. The message of the book intends to reach out positively to anyone, regardless of their proclivities, who may feel inept, unworthy, untrusting, or lost in their existence.
 “Sarah’s and Lily’s transformations confused Nathaniel. Largely in part to his negative
influence, they each changed in such dramatically negative ways. Sarah, once docile and clandestine, had become raucous and pompous. Lily, once confident and joyful, had become apprehensive and listless. How was it possible that because of his influence in each of their lives, they changed so dramatically? Was he being arrogant in his assumption that he was responsible for this catalyst? He was humbled by the knowledge that his power could be so mortally altering in the lives of two of the most breath-taking women he had ever met.
Sarah’s reckless ways were leading her down the path of destruction he himself had
ventured. She lost her innocence and compassion and now presented coldhearted toward the world. It was as if she adopted his method of self-preservation to protect her from the nonsensical matters of the heart.
Lily wilted beneath his overpowering demands of servitude. Brainwashed to reality, they
both relied on his influence and he had no idea how to make them take back control of their circumstances. You have to allow it, you power hungry narcissist. Are you so egocentric you cannot allow their independence to flourish. What, are you afraid they will leave your sorry ass?”

 My most recently published book, May 23, is entitled Ruby's Dance-Thank You Mae West. This short novella addresses a young woman coming of age in the 1930's and finding the love of her life that spans decades. She becomes her Walter's "Princess", and to celebrate their love, he buys her a special headband each year for their anniversary. Those headbands bring more meaning to her than she could ever express.

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