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Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Day in Pictures

Hello! Welcome to a relief from serious thoughts, promotions and stress. Share my day in pictures! Here are some of my favorites.

The road to nowhere. Your imagination leads you down this path.

Moonlight the way it appears in my romance books.

A gorgeous mask.

It's cherry season!

 A purple rose, never seen one like this before!

A one lane bridge linking New York and Pennsylvania across the Delaware River.

The meek and the mighty meet.

A loving kiss. Sigh...

Antique car.

The beach in Costa Rica.

Rock formations on the Colorado Plateau.

A sleeping pug...hey, Homer! How did you sneak in here?

Hunky runner.

Bouquet of flowers.

Devilishly delicious chocolate cake!

Thank you for stopping by. Please tell me which picture was your favorite?

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Jeanine said...

Love that road to nowhere. I have very similar pictures of beaches in Costa Rica!

Kathleen Ball said...

The boutique of flowers- raining here- it was like a bit of sunshine

lisekimhorton said...

Having driven over that Delware River bridge every summer of my life until recent years, that certainly has to be my favorite! But the road to nowhere is lovely and inspiring. Thanks for the beauty!

Lindsay said...

I'm going to be different and have two favorites-
Road to nowhere
Fog on the ocean

Pamela Mason said...

Well, since I like to keep in shape, mine's the hunky runner Jean!
And the kiss...
And the moonlight...
thanks for the lovely pics!

Kellie Kamryn said...

Had to be that last one with the chocolate cake - although the hunky runner was a close second ;)

All the photos were beautiful and colorful! Thank you for sharing.

Sandy Nachlinger said...

What a lovely, eclectic collection of photos! I'll have to go for the chocolate cake -- maybe because I'm trying to lose a few pounds.