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Saturday, July 21, 2012

SCP Summer Fun Scavenger Hunt!


Welcome to the Secret Cravings Publishing Summer Scavenger Hunt! Here's what you can win and how to win it:

Prizes include-
Grand Prize- Kindle Fire
First Place- $50 gift certificate to SCP's website
Second Place- $25 gift certificate to SCP's website
3 commenters will win their choice of one of my books. So leave a comment with your email addy!!!

Please visit as many SCP authors' blogs as you can for more chances to win individual prizes as well as the Kindle Fire being offered by Secret Cravings Publishing. On each blog, find the summer/beach "badge" or picture hidden on the blog and make a note of it and where you found it (which blog). Please enter a valid email address and a comment at each blog stop. Please DO NOT leave the location of the picture in the comment section. Save all your answers and email to
*All answers for picture description must be in ONE email to the above mentioned email address.*
 Winners and main prizes will be announced on Tuesday, July 24, 2012 here and on Secret Cravings facebook fan page.
Winners of my books will be announced Monday night. 

Search for the picture on my blog, Jean Joachim, starting now:
 I went to the beach and was surprised to be surrounded by hunky young guys. They all wanted to know how to get girls. (Right! Like they'd have a problem?) My advice? Be different. Read a romance book. That'll bring girls flocking to your side. They asked me to suggest books, here's how I paired them up.

This young man was looking for a woman about his own age. I recommended, Now and Forever 1, a Love Story...
I offered to read it to him but he declined. Sigh.

  Bit about the book

Can Callie Richards turn her life of tragedy and heartache around on the campus of Kensington State University? Braving the school on her own, Callie meets the handsome dean, Mac Caldwell. As she and Mac draw closer and she makes new friends, a deadly campus drug ring sets their sights on her with heart-breaking results.  An emotional story, this is not a cookie-cutter romance. You’ll laugh and cry as Callie struggles to make a new life, find love and find her satisfying, happy ending.

 These guys were all retired military. When I told them about Now and Forever 2, the Book of Danny, they raced to get to their computers to order their copies. LOL!
A bit about the book
Can an Army expert sharp shooter, killer and womanizer create a normal life after the military? Danny retreats to a small town to teach English at the local college. He struggles to overcome his post-traumatic stress syndrome and make a new life. Will his progress be derailed when until his drunken, abusive father is released from prison and seeks him out? Determined to leave his horrific past behind, Danny attempts to forge a new path that includes love, success, friends and having his own family but dark forces coupled with emotional obstacles block his way. The Book of Danny is a poignant story of love, loss and ultimate triumph that will touch your heart.
This guy likes to read slightly longer books...& attract more than 1 chick! Menage? I recommended Now and Forever 3, Blind Love, my longest book yet. Sigh. I offered to read it to him, in bed, but he already has seven better offers...

 A bit about the book:
 Can a handsome, charming, womanizing professor win the heart of a temporarily blind ballerina? Love comes to the university as Peter Caldwell, dashing Art History professor and accomplished pianist meets Lara Stewart, ballerina.  Peter can’t seduce with her with his devastating good looks because Lara can’t see. Obsessed with the one woman he can’t have, Peter has to learn how to love.
Sam Caldwell joins Peter, Mac, Callie and his grandchildren. Witty and attractive, Sam isn’t looking for a woman but finds love isn’t only for the young but the young at heart as well.
Small town secrets feed a blackmailer and blackmail on campus is paid with sexual favors. Blind Love is a roller coaster ride of twists and turns. This full length novel is three parts love and passion mixed with one part intrigue, stirred up with a twist of mystery and heated up to three flames. 
 This young man was so embarrassed to admit he was lonely, he wouldn't let me take his full picture. So...I got just the important parts. Ahem *clears throat*. I recommended my new release, The Renovated Heart.

A bit about the book:

Can a broken heart be renovated like an old house? Kit’s life came to a halt when her husband slapped her with a divorce. Finding herself without a job or a place to live, she’s forced to take Tunney Nichols up on his offer of cheap rent for his parent’s house.The catch: she must allow him to renovate while she’s living there. Out of fear, Kit tells a lie she soon regrets as she is drawn to the sexy man plastering and painting his way into her heart.
Can Sarah forget the abuse from her late husband? Can she fix her heart and the hearts of her children?  With her two children in tow, Sarah relocates to be near her sister, she meets Jim, a neighbor and English professor. A mutual interest in writing, paves the way for a friendship that blossoms into romance. But is Jim the right man for Sarah or does her old college sweetheart still light her fire?
Good luck! Don't forget to leave a comment with your email
Here is my beach "badge" for this scavenger hunt.  

All books are available at the Secret Cravings Publishing website. Click Here!


Kathleen Ball said...

love your sense of humor!! Good luck with the scavenger hunt!!

Lisa said...

Love the pics. Congrats on the release of Renovated Hearts


Yvette said...

I love getting introduced to new authors through blog hops..

Tamara Monteau said...

Found ya! Thank you for participating in the Scavenger Hunt.

Kerrianne Coombes said...

JEAN YOU ARE A LEGEND!!!!! Taking pictures of near naked gods on the beach! Can i hang with you at the beach next time>?

Eva's Flowers said...

I was just going to say that Kerrianne, can I go with you next time? I loved your post.


Jason said...


Angels Cove said...

Jean congrats on your new book it sure looks interesting signed micheleann oboyle

Julianne said...

I thought maybe you were giving away one of the guys in your pictures. :)
Scavenger hunts are so much fun.
Thanks for a chance to win.
luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

Sherry Gloag said...

What a clever way to promote your books, I loved it. Haven't found your pic yet, sigh, two down 2 to the blog nil to me :-( Guess I'll have to come back later and try again.

Karen said...

Just stopping by to say hi. Love the pictures. Love the beach!

Flossie Benton Rogers said...

Loved your post, Jean. Good pix too.