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Monday, October 29, 2012


Here's an excerpt of The Dating List, third in the List series of New York Nights Novels. 
 New York City, the last week of December
Colin Andrews whipped open the front door of his brother’s townhouse in Manhattan, revealing the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen on the other side.
“Do you always answer the door half naked in winter?” she asked.
Her beauty robbed him of words. All he could do was emit a low whistle. Where did this angel come from?
“I’d know those hazel eyes anywhere. You must be Grey’s brother.” She said, stepping closer.
His eyes widened as he stared. Clothed in a soft, rose-colored, quilted jacket the lovely, petite woman took his breath away. The white ermine trim on the hood emphasized the rich mahogany of her hair, framing her delicate oval face. Her eyes, the color of honey, glowed as they looked up at him. His lips parted but no sound came out.
Finally he squeaked out a response that he hoped sounded like yes while his gaze wandered over her face, settling on her luscious, kissable pink lips. Glowing skin with an attractive blush and the hint of tiny laugh lines topped off her perfection. She was, without a doubt, the most stunning woman ever to walk into his life.
“Name?” She asked. Merriment danced in eyes highlighted by artfully smudged black liner and fringed with black lashes.

“Colin,” he breathed.
“It’s cold out here, Colin. Do you think I could come in?” She raised her eyebrows as a small smile played with her lips.
Her words snapped him out of his reverie. He looked down to see a large red suitcase standing next to the diminutive woman. From male instinct, he picked up the suitcase, placed it inside next to the door and stepped back.
“Carrie’s friend, Leah,” she said, offering her small, white leather-gloved hand to him after she stepped across the threshold of the house, closing the door behind her.
He took her hand, squeezed it a touch too hard, causing her to wince, then let go. He watched her gaze move down from his dark brown hair to his hazel eyes, and lower until it rested on his bare chest. The deepening of the blush on her cheeks made him aware he had not finished dressing before answering the door. He crossed his arms over his chest.
“Excuse me,” he mumbled as he made a hasty exit, taking the stairs two at a time to the second floor landing. The last sound to reach his
ears before he closed the door to his room was the tinkle of Leah’s laugh.

A little bit about the book

Is Leah the woman of his dreams or a heartbreaker in disguise? Colin Andrews is blown away by her beauty, creativity and sophistication. However Leah has other plans that don’t include shepherding a younger man through an intense love affair. Taken by his charm but committed to her new career overseas, Leah is caught between desire and destiny.
The wedding of Carrie Tucker and Grey Andrews is on track, scheduled for late June. Grey, Colin’s big brother, is confident nothing can take his beloved fiancée from him. But family secrets and lies threaten their union. Is Grey the consummate lover Carrie fell for or the ultimate deceiver, as her mother claims?


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