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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

V. L. Locey Stops by for an Interview!

Howdy! Before I get into things I`d like to thank the lovely and effervescent Jean Joachim for inviting me to her blog. You`re an absolute delight Jean, thank you so very much.*Big virtual hug*
     Okay, now onto the other stuff! My name is V.L. Locey.

      I write romantic comedies for all which means I pen tales starring M/F and M/M lovers.
      The first book of my trilogy, ‘Of Gods & Goats’, is a self-published novel - a rural romantic comedy I like to call it, about a widowed goatherder living in the hills of Pennsylvania named Libby Simons. After a violent line of thunderstorms whips across the Laurel Highlands one night Libby discovers that more than a few limbs have fallen from above. She finds Ares, the Greek god of war lying unconscious, and quite naked, in her goat barn after a tumble from Olympus. From that point on Libby`s sedate, lonely life is never the same. She and Ares get caught up in action, adventure, battles with ancient mythological beasts, nosy neighbors, irate gods of the undead, and of course romance.

Today I`m doing something I`ve never done before: I`m interviewing the stars of my ‘Gods & Goats’ trilogy, which is rather exciting and somewhat daunting simply because one never knows what will roll out of Ares` mouth. So, sit back and meet my leading lady and her hero, and may the gods favor us….
      The first thing I noticed after climbing Libby`s serpentine dirt driveway and exiting my S-10 was the smell of lavender. It blew past and enveloped me in clouds of scent and spent white pine needles. The next thing that grabbed my attention was the feeling of serenity flowing from the animals here. Saanan goats meandered about in one pasture while a massive red and white Hereford and a Minotaur (Yep, I said Minotaur) lounged in the sun in a differing pasture. Rhode Island Red chickens dug and scratched in the slightly overgrown grass. It was obvious that everyone who resided here was happy.
      The greeting I got at the door of the small stone cottage blew the serenity away for a moment. I picked at the outline of where a bird had flown through the screen door as I waited. A beagle was braying on the other side of the wooden door. I admired the small basket on the door that held some fresh sprigs of lavender above a weather-worn ‘Welcome to the Farm!’ placard. Then the door opened. All that harmony dissipated when I tipped my head back to find Ares, the god of bloodshed, looking down at me.
      The man –god -is imposing to say the least. A towering hulk of muscle that stands close to seven feet tall the bearded warrior settled stunning blue eyes on me. I giggled like a fool. He harrumphed and opened the door. I hurried into the tiny kitchen and was greeted by a smiling woman with freckles, a head full of ginger ringlets and an aura that feels like a hug from your mother.
      “Nice greeting committee,” I commented, glancing back at Ares shouldering through the narrow doorway (Narrow for him, not for the rest of us puny mortals) with a leaping beagle at his side.
      “Yeah, he tends to help keep unwanted folks away much better than a ‘No Solicitations’ sign,” Libby chuckled then waved me to an empty chair. I scratched Hermione`s head as Libby filled three mugs with Hills Alive coffee and returned to the round table. Once we were all situated and had our coffee creamed and sugared properly I pulled a sheaf of paper out of the back pocket of my jeans and set to working out the wrinkles using a pen like an iron.
      “Why do you not have one of those tablets that require only touching?” Ares inquired. I glanced up.
      “I`m not really all that tech savvy,” I explained. Libby nodded in commiseration. “So, let`s get right into things. First question, were either of you upset that your name wasn`t in the title?”
      “Nope,” Libby said then sipped cautiously. “The title works really well, I think.
      “I am upset. The book should have contained my name, as I am a god. It should also have been more masculine,” Ares announced,       
     “Perhaps something such as ‘The Amazing Adventures of Ares!”
      “Ahem. What about me?” Libby asked, shooting a glower over the rim of her mug. The man – god – nodded after a moments thought.
      “Ah yes, you are important to the tale, Bunting. Her name should have been under mine.”
      “Wow, that`s very magnanimous of you Lord Ares,” I muttered as I scribbled down what was being said.
      “Ain`t it though?” Libby sighed with a knowing smile tugging at her lips.
      “Question two,” I peeked at the two lovers through my lashes, “Is your love interest the way you pictured him or her? Would you have preferred someone with different colored hair?”
      Libby`s light blue eyes grew misty. “I wouldn`t change one thing about Ares, I mean look at him!” she waved her cup at the man who was now preening like a rooster, “Tall, dark, handsome, muscular, immortal, ferocious in battle, gentle in bed.”
      “You flatter me wee one,” Ares flashed perfect white teeth in a smile made to disarm and bewitch mortal women. “I would not have changed a thing about my consort either. Oh aye,” he reached over to push a curl behind Libby`s ear. I sighed like a tween spying Jacob Black. “Her breasts could be larger but her rump fills my hands well when we are rutting so I do not mind the loss of bosom overly.”
      “Thanks…I think,” Libby leaned over to smooch Ares loudly. I glanced away and watched Argus, Libby`s white cat saunter in and leap into the sunny window above the kitchen sink. I gave them a moment then slowly returned to my paper and pen.
      “Are you planning on making an appearance in the second book?” I inquired, lifting my cup to my lips. Libby really does make superb coffee I just have to say that.
      “Silly goose,” the ginger giggled, her hand now resting on Ares hairy forearm that was lying on the table. “You know we`re coming back for the second and third book.”
      “Yeah, but the folks out there didn`t,” I teased. Ares raised a bushy dark brow then nodded at me. “Alright, let`s do a personal one shall we? Was there enough sex in the book? Would you have liked more?”
      Libby blushed to the tips of her ears. Ares smiled and fielded this one. Leaning over the table he pinned me like a bug to a board with eyes as deep and blue as the Aegean Sea.
      “Libby thinks the sex was fine, but she is a mortal woman that needs rest between bouts of passion with a god. I think there should have been more. Perhaps we shall see more sex in the next books?”
      I stared and nodded dully. Ares grinned. “So yeah, well, I can guarantee that there will be at least one five flame scene in each book, with lots of patting, kissing, and the assorted gropes tossed in, Lord Ares.”
      “Then I am pleased,” Ares said regally and shifted his bulk back into his chair. I hurried to drink half my coffee despite how it scalded my throat.
      “See, that`s what a god does to a woman,” Libby whispered after the heat had disappeared from under her freckles.
      “I`m not sure I can ask the next one,” I fanned myself with my shirt. Ares chuckled egotistically. “I was going to ask if your hero is a good kisser but I think we`ve already covered his prowess in bed so let`s find a less flustering question. Ah! Are you happy with the setting?”
      "I am very happy with the setting. I love my farm and my animals,” Libby quickly replied.
      “The setting is pleasing. We did visit other realms though, Hades` domain and Olympus, but I find I enjoy my time here on these few hectares far more than I ever enjoyed the throne room in my father`s temple,” Ares then wound his scarred fingers through Libby`s.  “There is more love here than ever there was upon Olympus for me.”
      I had to bite my lip not to say ‘Awwwww’ and embarrass the god of bloodlust. The way that Libby looked at her battle god at that moment sort of nixed any more questions I may have asked. It was obvious to me that although these two may not spout poetic words, or go on and on about the reasons why they love each other, their love is a strong, mature, and moving love.
 I thanked them both and with a promise to keep the book as funny and sexy as I could, I left the lovers to do what lovers do.

 If you`d like to read more about Libby and Ares, ‘Of Gods & Goats’ can be purchased in print from my website—CLICK HERE
 Or for your eReader on Smashwords—CLICK HERE
 I love to chat with folks and can be found on Twitter, GoodReads, and Facebook.
 Thank you for your time and may the gods smile upon you!


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