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Friday, November 30, 2012


Five fast facts about Christmas. I know it's early but before you're bombarded with holiday stuff, check these out and a first chapter today on First Chapter Friday. First, the facts:

1. The first commercial Christmas card was produced and sold in London in 1843.
 2. The song "Jingle Bells" was copyrighted in 1857.   
3. The practice of Christmas gift giving was once banned by the Catholic Church.  It was suspected that this tradition had roots in Paganism.
4. There are two towns in the United States with the name of Santa Claus but only one named North Pole.  They are located in Georgia, Indiana and Alaska.
5. Americans send about 1.5 billion Christmas cards each year. 
F I R S T  C H A P T E R  F R I D A Y 

First, a few words people are saying about THE DATING LIST:

"Smart, witty, sexy and fun. This novel has it all...The playful love between the characters made me wistful. Plenty of steamy scenes and a well written story. Her characters have depth and I enjoy the series. I love having my favorite characters from the other books take part in this one. It's like revisiting old friends."

"I read all three books in the "list" series and really enjoyed them! I was looking forward to The Dating List to see how the series got wrapped up and Jean Joachim did not disappoint. I especially liked that this story had some unexpected twists to it! A great read."

Read it here, free: FIRST CHAPTER
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Interesting facts. Thanks.