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Monday, November 19, 2012


Here is my three-hundred-word story written to this picture prompt for the holiday. This is the beginning of the Christmas story to appear in 2013, last book  in "The List" series &, yet to be named.

Giselle Davenport couldn’t stop the tears clouding her eyes as she walked into the dining room. Thanksgiving with the Andrews family, her next door neighbors in Pine Grove for many years, couldn’t fill the void created by the loss of her own family. The pain fresh in her heart, forced her to leave the beautiful table, a reminder of holidays past. She wandered into the living room and perched on the window seat in the old Victorian.
 Pulling aside the lace curtain, she peeked outside. Her eyes widened in surprise. She didn’t know Will Benson had bought the small house across the street. Engaging in a snowball fight with his young son, he didn’t see Giselle watching him. His hair was as black as ever and his smile still broad. She pressed her fingertips against the glass as if she could touch him through it.
His last words to her six years earlier echoed in her heart. I’m not looking for a CEO. I’m looking for a wife…a woman to make a home and have children with me. I guess that’s not you. Good luck with your career.
            She had loved Will with all her heart but loved her career just a tad more. Now it was holiday time. Work ground to a halt while people immersed themselves in the joys of laughter, love and sharing with their families. Giselle no longer had family so the holiday had become a hollow, lonely time. She had heard about Will’s marriage. That could have been me. A heaviness settled into her heart.       
            “Come, Giselle. We’re sitting down,” Mary Andrews, matriarch of the family, touched her shoulder. Giselle gave one last glance out the window before pasting a small smile on her lips. Mary put an arm around her and they entered the dining room together. 
Thank you for stopping by. Have a happy holiday.


V.L. Locey said...

That was such a lovely and moving post. Nicely done, Jean.

Davee said...

Nothing as sorrowful as living with regret. Touching post, Jean. Happy Thanksgiving

Karen said...

Beautiful write. Regret and what "ifs" are the hardest things to deal with especially during the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving Jean!

Carolyn Gibbs said...

Very nicely done, Jean. You touched on many emotions, the loniness felt during the holidays and love lost. I want to read the happy ending :). Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

SherryGLoag said...

Very moving. A treat to come next year. Look forward to it.

Cathy G. said...

Very touching scene! It's a reminder that holidays can be hard on people too. Hopefully, Giselle will find her soul mate and happiness. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Lindsay said...

This is a great beginning to the next book in the series