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Monday, July 15, 2013


Welcome and thanks for stopping by! This is the second to last Tuesday Tales post about Rory and Hack. The word prompt is "court". To read the rest of the story, you'll have to get the book, coming out in January. I appreciate you all following their story and hope you will enjoy the finished book which complete their tales.

                 "THE RESCUED HEART"                            
“Rory? You’re canceling our work?
"Not ours, it’s mine.”
“Of course, of course. You know what I mean.”
“If you’re worried about the judge, I’ll go back to court and tell them…”
“I’m not worried about that.”
“Then what?”
Rory’s three friends sat still, listening in and almost not daring to breathe.
“Well…I mean…I won’t get to see you every day. I won't see you at all.”
“Maybe that’s best. After all. You said it. You’re committed, taken. We shouldn’t do…more of what we were doing.” Rory sensed heat in her cheeks. She glanced up to see three pairs of eyes staring at her.
There was a moment of silence before he spoke again.

"But I really like seeing you every day.”
“You do?”
“Even though I give you a hard time?”
“You have high standards, that’s all.”
“And all the names I call Felicia?”
“The highlight of my day,” he chuckled.
Silence again.
“Don’t you want me to come over?”
“I don’t think so. I…I can’t...” Her voice shook as tears burst through her defenses.
“Don’t cry…baby,” he said softly.

“You want me to dictate to you like nothing’s happened? I can’t.”

“So you’d rather say good-bye?”
“It’s not a choice.”
“I wish you wouldn’t.”
“Goodbye,” she whispered.
“Goodbye, beautiful.”
A sob caught in her throat, then broke through as she closed her phone. She ran to the ladies room.
Over the next month, Rory pecked out the remaining chapters of her book, alone. Every morning when she took Baxter to the park, she kept an eye out for a handsome man riding a bike too fast, but Hack never appeared.
The sharp pain in her chest had settled down to a dull ache. She missed Hack terribly.  Every morning her ears pricked up, listening for the familiar buzz that never came.

Across town, Hack shaved, getting ready for his dinner date with Felicia. 
Nerves caused him to nick his chin. I’m going to tell her tonight. I have to. Swearing softly, he put on a jacket and tie before heading for her apartment.
“Come in. How about a drink?”  He looked at his watch. “Our reservation at Le Mer Bleu is for seven."
“This’ll just take a minute.
 “What?” He looked up.
“We have to talk.” Felicia began to mix drinks at the bar, then handed one to Hack.
“What’s going on?” Oh, God, she knows. Damn! His nerves kicked up. He took a gulp of his Tom Collins.

“I’ve met someone.” Felicia studied her nails.
“What?” His eyebrows rose. Hope entered his heart.
“A designer. I’m sorry, Hack.”  She took off her engagement ring and put it on the bar. He couldn’t surpress a huge grin. Grabbing her upper arms, he pulled her to him for a quick kiss.
“Thank you, Felicia.” She shot him a surprised and annoyed look as he flew out the door. 
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Tricia Andersen said...

Yay!! No more Miss Toothpick! Go get her Hack!! I love this - thank you Jean!

Lindsay said...

Hot damn, Toothpick dumped him. I never say that coming.
January can't get here soon enough.

V.L. Locey said...

Run, Hack! Run as fast as you can to the woman who holds your heart!!

Sarah said...

I did not see that coming...but did she really find someone or did she know Hack was already lost? Curious...oh, I can't wait for this release!!

And now...what will Rory say when he shows up?! Oy vey.

Ros Nazilli said...

Yes.. Result though I doubt it is going to be plain sailing from here on in..

Gripping Jean.. you keep me coming back..xx

Iris B said...

LOL - not sure whether she'd expected a "thank you" ... I want a HEA next week! Pretty please :-D

SherryGLoag said...

Although I share in his joy, he sure is a bit of a jerk towards Felicia.
I'm going to have withdrawal symptons until this comes out!

S.E said...

Love the ending, well done.

Davee said...

I love it. But, will Rory take him now? Will she feel like she is a second choice? Ready for next week!

Jillian said...

well, now I can breathe a little easier til January but I know there are more angsty moments ahead!