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Friday, September 13, 2013

A Salute to children and a giveaway!

Having children is a unique experience. Before I had kids, I'd been free to walk away from people in my life. You can walk away from a spouse or even keep unruly parents at arm's length. But when my children were born, I knew a whole new kind of love. A love I could never walk away from.
My children brought out a love so strong in me that it scared me. 

Suddenly I was vulnerable in a different way. After the initial shock, it was a wonderful feeling.

Although my children are grown, my love and devotion to them still beats strong in my heart. 

They have brought me more joy than I ever thought possible and heartache so deep I wondered if I would survive.
Because my children have made such a huge impact on my life, I often write love stories about people with children. 


I enjoy including children in my books.

Do you like to read love stories with kids in them? Please leave a comment and I'll select a few people all weekend long to win their choice of my books. Thank you for stopping by. Don't forget your email address in your comment!

Here's a list of my books with children in them: All the Now and Forever books, The Renovated Heart, Red Carpet Romance and Memories of Love. My website



Palmaltas said...

My first romance novel, A Caribbean Summer, had a little boy in it. He was patterned after my own son when he was that age (about 5 if I remember correctly). In fact, I've used him in several of my novels. I doubt that he's even aware of it. Lovely, lovely blog, Jean.

S. J. Qualls said...

Nearly everything I write has children or the promise of them. I like to put some cute little part of my own children in my stories.

Sandy Nachlinger said...

Such beautiful pictures, and your captions made them even more touching. YES, I love books with children in them.