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Friday, September 20, 2013


My love affair with New York City began when I was born here, sometime ago. (No, I'm not going to disclose the year!) Like any long term coupling, it has become a love/hate relationship. 

What do I love? The heartbeat, the glamour, the elegance, the beauty and the type "A" attitude -- get it done or get lost! 

 If you can't find it in New York City, it doesn't exist. Or so us natives believe.
New York is the city of dreams, made or broken. It has an energy all it's own. By June, I'm usually heading upstate to escape the overwhelming, in-your-face bustle of New York. But I'm always glad to get back. Where else can you find a deli open at three a.m.?
What else do I love? Fifth Avenue, Central Park, museums,fashion, food and unexpected pleasures, like a carriage ride along Central Park South.
 What do I hate about New York City? Times Square. The crowds, the noise, the attitude - "my way, or the highway", me, me, me. Waiting for buses and subways. The astronomical sales tax. Oh, and the income tax, too!

Hidden away among the tallest buildings ever are gems, like Grand Central Station, cobblestone streets and tiny restaurants in Greenwich Village. The arch in Washington Square Park. Sniffen Court, a small alleyway in the East 30's with tiny, old houses. Fascinating, unusual and historic sights are tucked away in every corner of the city. And, of course, Central Park!

This enormous park, 778 acres, is open to all. The beautiful landscaping, the many sculptures and statues adorning the pathways as well as restaurants that let you eat out in the fresh air. (Did I say fresh air? This is NYC, Jean, please!) There is no park like it.
Nightlife goes all night long. From Broadway to the Meat Packing district. The heart of New York beats on into the wee hours.
I write about rich men, glamorous women, love, and  elegant lifestyles. New York Nights is the series. Learn more about these books HERE.
In 2014  my new series, that takes place in New York City, will debut with Secret Cravings Publishing. I'm excited about it because I love to write about New York and every book will have at least one pug in it. 
NEW YORK, I LOVE YOU! Thanks for stopping by. Please leave a comment, whether you love New York or hate it! 


Lindsay said...

I haven't been to New York City in years but did drive through it on my way to Texas. Some day I might get back.

SherryGLoag said...

Love how you brought NY to life today, + great pics.