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Monday, December 9, 2013


Welcome to Tuesday Tales. This week I have an excerpt from my WIP, HIS LEADING LADY.
  Mark asked about their mother and Meg brought him up-to-date. Although Mark was their mother’s favorite, as he “had the looks and charm,” while Meg “had the brains”, she was the one who called their mom only once a month. Meg was in the same time zone. 

Anna Davis no longer bothered to try to hide her preference, bragging about Mark’saccomplishments to her friends and Meg. Mark tried to change the subject when she gushed over him. Anna claimed it was the time difference that kept Mark from calling her weekly. The truth was that Anna relied heavily on Megan for advice and a sympathetic ear, and Mark for a check every month. The twins never discussed their division of responsibility.
Meg wasted no time, firing pointed questions at her brother as he drove.
“What’s the deal with this new chickie?”
“My girlfriend?”
‘Now she’s your girlfriend? How long have you been seeing her?”
“A couple of weeks. Yeah. She’s my girlfriend. She’s amazing, Squirt. You’re gonna like her.”

“We’ll see. She’s gorgeous, I’ll give you that. I watched her show.”
“Yeah. Her looks, on a scale of ten, are, like, twelve.”
“They can’t be twelve on a scale of ten, lug.”
“Always the mathematician. I was making a point.”
“Oh. Got it. Yep. So she’s pretty, what else?” Megan turned to face her brother.
“She’s nice.”
"Nice? Damning with faint praise.”
“Real nice. Nice to me. And she can cook.” Mark kept his gaze on the road. 
“She cooks? Now we’re getting someplace.” She rubbed her hands together.

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Steph Locey said...

Good banter between the twins!

Lindsay said...

Love the last line and hands rubbing together.
Wonder if twin sis is hoping brother is going to settle down.

Iris B said...

I agree, well written to "show" the relation between the two ...

Davee said...

fun dialogue between siblings, I guess he didn't want to reveal the GFs other "skills" to his sister, they both might blush. lol great TT

SherryGLoag said...

I like the sibling banter. :-)

morgan said...

Sibling banters is always amusing, but I love the photo you picked.

writerszenblog said...

Ah, family dynamics. It's the stuff great stories are crafted from. I can't wait to read more.

S.E said...

Love the conversation between the twins