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Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Let's have fun for the beginning of a new year. Here are some of my favorite things.
ONE of my favorite covers this year:
And one of my favorite, unplanned  stories. 
Favorite foot-in-mouth by a hero. Gunther in LOVERS & LIARS.
“We come here because I like it and it’s good for business. I’m seen here. You should pay more attention to that.”
“I can be seen anywhere. I’m not an anonymous producer, like you. The public knows who I am. My face is famous. I’m seen everywhere I go. I don’t have to arrange publicity. It just comes to me…unlike you.”

He narrowed his eyes. “Is it your time of the month, Elsa?” She threw the water in her glass at him, drenching his face and hair.

Favorite funny lines:
“I’ve prepared some questions to help me understand your needs, Mr….ah, Chaz.” 
“My needs? You don’t really mean needs, do you?” He chuckled while his gaze raked her body. 
“I mean your financial needs…ah, maybe goals is a better word.” 
“Ah, goals, yes. Goals works for me.” 
“If we can agree on three goals, then I’ll prepare sort of a proposal…” 
“Proposal? You’re going to propose to me? We’ve known each other such a short time!” He lifted his eyebrows in mock shock.
Favorite Picture:
I've been waiting to share with you. Not sure who has the funniest expression!

Favorite supporting character: Bobby, the chauffeur, from Hollywood Hearts who appears in the first four books. This conversation takes place with Grace from MOVIE LOVERS. 
“It’s private. I can’t talk about it,” she mumbled.
“Did ya kill someone?” He shot her a glance in the rearview mirror.
“No!” She chuckled. “Not that I wouldn’t like to.”
“Got someone you want me to have rubbed out?”
Her eyes widened. “You can do that?”
“Nope, but I got your attention.”
She burst out laughing. “Cara didn’t tell me I’d get a comedy routine on the trip.”
“She forgot that? Geez. I’ll have to talk to her. Yeah, I always try out my new material on passengers. Captive audience,” he snickered.
“You do?”
“Gosh, they make ’em gullible in California. No. I just drive. Sometimes I provide a little guidance…a little wisdom. Always a sympathetic ear. But the comedy is spontaneous.”
“I didn’t think I could laugh anymore.” She relaxed against the cushions and looked out the window.
“Never lose your laugh. You look a lot like your sister.”
“She’s the pretty one. I’m the studious one.”
“Oh? You calling me a liar? If so, I’ll have to drive you right back to the airport.”
Grace smiled. “I’m not calling you a liar, that’s just the way it’s always been.”
“Don’t typecast yourself, honey. You’re a beautiful girl. Guys here are gonna flip when they meet you.”
“Think so?”
“Hey, I know great women when I see them. Don’t tell my wife.” He eased them onto the Long Island Expressway.
Another favorite picture

Favorite Reunion:
How wonderful to revisit Callie, Mac, their family and the other folks who live in Willow Falls! I loved writing this book, taking another stroll through one of my favorite small towns.

Favorite location taken from my own life:  
Fire Island in LOVE'S LAST CHANCE (and tie for favorite cover & other "things" taken from my own life.)

Another  favorite picture: just because...

Favorite Ballsy Kid:

It's a tie between Sarah, a girl with gumption, in MEMORIES OF LOVE and Jason, who ran away, in LOVE'S JOURNEY, NOW & FOREVER 5


...and then there's Junior, a charming baby, from RED CARPET ROMANCE.

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Lindsay said...

The two I love the most-the baby and baby pug and of course Dummy.