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Monday, March 3, 2014


Welcome! Time for Tuesday Tales. The word prompt is "pale" this week. Here's another excerpt from my WIP:
It had been three weeks since Jory got a letter from Bryce. Scenario after scenario rolled through her mind about what might have happened. She tried to convince herself she wasn’t in love with him. If she didn’t love him, what did it matter if he’d decided to stop writing? But that didn’t cut it. Every day she lingered in the post office at nine o’clock, waiting for Martha to distribute the mail to the boxes. And each day, she dreaded the look of pity in the Post Mistress’s eyes as she glanced at Jory and shook her head.
He's busy. He’s not interested. He’s met someone else. He’s dead. She shuddered at the last thought. Sitting at her desk, she forced herself to look at the page in front of her and pick up her red pen. Before she could get her first edit down, her phone rang.
“Hey, Jory, it's Marsha. Do you know where Julie is?” It was her friend who worked at the rehab facility in Oak Bend.
“I thought she was home.”
“Nope. Tried there. Some guy here named Bryce is looking for her.”
Jory’s heart stopped. Her breath caught and her mouth went dry.
“Bryce. He’s a patient here. Asked me if I knew Julie.” 
Oh, shit! “I’ll tell her to call you,” Jory said and hung up.
A thousand thoughts whizzed through her mind. Her pulse soared. At least he’s alive. She looked up at the sound of her ex-boyfriend’s voice.
“What happened? Get a ‘Dear Jane’ letter from lover boy?” The bitter edge to George’s voice snapped her back to life. “You look pale, Jory. Are you all right?” His eyebrows creased with concern.


Jillian said...

ahhh. What luck is this that the former boyfriend shows up just when she gets some news that's good?

Lindsay said...

I can feel her pain in this scene. Not to crazy about the ex-boybumb showing up

V.L. Locey said...

Dumb ex boyfriend shows up at the wrong time. Grumble, grumble.

Sarah Cass said...

Oooh, George is a jealous one. I think he has reason, though. Can't wait to see what Jory does about the phone call.

Jamie Salisbury said...

Can't wait to see where this is headed. . .

Iris B said...

Love the emotions and "discussion in her head" when no letter arrives. I love the idea of this story and can't wait to find out what happens next. Thank goodness is the boyfriend is now an ex :-)

writerszenblog said...

George has a habit of showing up at the worst times. It looks like the plot is thickening.
Trisha Faye

S.E said...

Loved the scene and how you show her anxiously waiting for a letter.

SherryGLoag said...

As ever you leave us hanging. Great scene.