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Friday, April 11, 2014


Hollywood Hearts series starter.

A bit about the book

Fresh-faced quarterback Mark thinks he’s scored a touchdown after winning actress Penny Thatcher’s affection. But a public revelation soon threatens his chances…. Is love the one game he can’t win? 
Recent review:
"I just love an easy, enjoyable book that lets me leave reality for a little while. Both characters were very likeable and I loved the happy ending!" L. S.

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Series Starter for the Now and Forever series

A bit about the book
A young girl faces tragedy in her teens. Callie wanders through her life rootless until she meets up with Kyle Maine. The handsome young man takes her under his wing. Love blossoms as Callie finds her way. But will Kyle's hunger for recognition in the military lead him to glory or to his demise? 

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Do you prefer "sweet" romance? Free series starter to my sweet Moonlight series 

A bit about the book

Caroline "Sunny" Davis wants to please her mother, but hunting for a husband leaves her cold. Linda Davis knows she doesn't have much longer on this Earth and nothing would give her peace like knowing her daughter is well cared for. Together they find a wealthy man who wants to launch Sunny's career as an artist. But is he truly the right man for her?

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