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Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Now available on Amazon and All Romance eBooks.Here are a few snippets:

Pres slung his arm around her waist and escorted her to the apartment. Brooke leaned against him. His solid body comforted her. A deep breath brought his pleasant scent of maleness and Ivory soap to her. The dogs trotted along behind.
He deposited her at the door.
Ruth raised her eyebrows when she saw them. “Help me get her inside?”
“I can walk.”
“Right,” Pres said. He carried Brooke into the guest bedroom and laid her down on the bed while Ruth unleashed the dogs. He grabbed a pillow and stuffed it under her head.
“Thank you,” she mumbled, her eyes closing as Pres turned out the light and shut the door.


“I’ve missed this…you,” he said, leaning over to open her robe. He stared at her body then closed his hands over her breasts. She unbuttoned his shirt.
Brooke warmed at the feel of his hands on her, but chilled at his hard expression of lust. In the past, his touch, desire in his eyes, and a whisper in her ear could get her juices flowing. Tonight, he was rough, distant. There was no laughter on his lips or in his gaze. He wanted her as a man wants a woman, but not with love.

He’s right. I’ll be okay. Somehow, I’ll get through this.
“I’m here, any time you need me.” His words were like a balm to her raw spirit. He emanated a healing vibe, strong and warm. She snuggled into him. Pres didn’t move.
“Hey, you two, get a room or get out here! We wanna cut the cake,” Harry called.
Brooke stepped back and snapped to attention. Pres smiled down at her. “We’re giving that old man ideas.”
“We’d better go. Thank you.” She grinned up at him, her eyes dry. “Am I all red and splotchy?”
“You look beautiful. Tell Harry I gave you a sex flush.”

Brooke Felson had a hot career on Madison Avenue, hot boyfriend and a place near Central Park. She lived the good life until, piece-by-piece, her world collapsed. Shattered and rootless, Brooke seeks a fresh start, but where to begin? Will grandmotherly wisdom and a handsome writer help her find real love and rebuild her life?

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