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Monday, May 5, 2014


Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. This week we go back to my nameless football romance. Griff Montgomery has come upon a homeless pug hanging around an empty house. Scroll down to return to the other authors who are amazing.

Griff approached the house slowly. The pug cowered then  raised his lip to show his teeth. He growled. The fur down his back stood up straight and his ears were flattened against his head. Griff crouched down, but the dog wouldn't back down.
"Okay, boy. Okay." He showed his hands to the canine and backed off. He retreated to his house, found an empty plastic dish and filled it with water. He returned to the empty house. Night was beginning to darken the sky. Griff put the water down next to the steps before the pug ran over and threatened him. 
He backed away and stopped to watch. The pooch approached the dish cautiously, sniffing. He stopped, then dipped his head and drank greedily. Griff smiled and stole away.
The next day in the locker room, Griff fastened his towel around his waist and joined his friend, Buddy Farnsworth, a wide receiver.
He told him about the homeless dog.
"What do you need a dog for?" Buddy asked, applying deoderant.
Griff shrugged and opened his locker.
"He's got no home."
"But you're free now. No family to tie you down. Women, man. You can have a ton of chicks."
"But he needs me."
"Then why has he practically attacked you?"
"He'll get used to me. I'm lovable, when you get to know me," Griff said, smiling.
"Barf bag! Hurling here," Buddy said, rifling a towel at his teammate.


Karen Cino said...

My daughter said she wants you pug. LoL We love animals and we both enjoyed your excerpt. I especially love the sports side of the romance.Can't wait until next week.

Lindsay said...

Love the tenderness Griff is showing the pug.

Heare2Watts said...

Some of the sweetest dogs we ever had adopted us as strays and one was in the median on the interstate and had bit hit and injured. No one ever claimed her she we kept her. Anyone that is good to an animal is alright in my book!

Anonymous said...

Good scene showing his tender and compassionate side.
That's got to be Homer sitting so proudly.

Iris Blobel said...

Love it "I'm loveable" :-) And Jean ... is the pic the practice run for the cowboy stories to come? Holy moly ....

V.L. Locey said...

Such a good guy! And what a great image! ;)

Jillian said...

Sweet! Love it and especially the last sentence.

morgan said...

Nice interaction between the Griff and friend. :)

S.E said...

ahhhh, I hope they have a good relationship