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Friday, August 1, 2014


I'd like to share my new release with you. If you like love, romance and pugs, this series is for you.

A varied and rich story about a young, hard-working woman and the wealthy, lonely, young man she meets. 
Drawn together by dogs and laughter, Miranda and Penn fall in love. Until they each discover the true identity of the other. Then love sours. Or does it? 

Here are a few excerpts.

She held the dogs while he knelt down and cleaned her wound. His long fingers gently washed off the lather with a wet towel and then dried the gash. Bruising and swelling had already begun. He tried to keep his attention focused on her knee, but managed to steal a peek at her chest when she leaned forward.

Maggie, John’s wife and Penn’s cook and housekeeper, came in to clear out the dishes.
“Looks like Penn has a new girlfriend,” John said, training the binoculars on the park.
“And you’re spying on him?” Maggie asked him, reaching for them.
“Just to get a glimpse of her.” John moved out of her range.
“Now, now, give me those. The poor lad is entitled to privacy.”
“Hope he doesn’t muck it up this time.”
“You have no faith in our boy.” Maggie put Penn’s empty mug inside the small bowl.
“Wish I did,” John said, still searching.
Maggie pulled on his arm. “Come in now. You’ll meet her soon enough if he takes her out.”
“I suppose,” John said, putting down the glasses and helping his wife remove the dishes.
“I’m praying Uncle Alfred doesn’t stick his nose in.” Maggie turned on the water in the kitchen sink.
“Everyone’s a fortune hunter in his eyes, unless she’s got millions of her own.”
Maggie chuckled. “And if she does, she’s boring as dirt.”

She took a sip and looked up as Penn brought his mouth to hers. His hand on her waist pulled her closer to him. She put the glass down on a table, almost upsetting it to put her arms around his neck. His fingers stroked the soft silk of the back of her camisole as his tongue invaded her mouth, exploring, coaxing, seducing, creating heat. Then, she took a deep breath and stepped away.
“Do you always start with dessert?” she teased, moving back to the railing, running her tongue over her bottom lip, watching him.
He laughed. “Is that a promise?”
“No promises,” she shot back, turning her eyes to the view again.
He walked over to stand behind her and put his hand on her shoulder. His touch on her cool flesh warmed more than her skin. He gently slid the delicate camisole strap down and bent, kissing her where it had lain. His cupped her shoulder while he inched his fingers down her chest until they rested on the exposed top of her breast. Desire raced through her veins, pooling between her legs.
Want to read more? You can find the ebook here:


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Iris Blobel said...

Congratulations on your new release, Jean!