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Sunday, December 21, 2014


Welcome to NYC at Christmas. Let's start with the Museum of Natural History and their origami Christmas tree. All the animal
ornaments are made from folded paper - origami. 

Let's head downtown to Lord & Taylor's, where they have festive windows of holiday scenes with moving figures, music and a charming story. 
Here are a few scenes from those windows.

 It looks real, but it's only a department store window.

Another scene from Lord & Taylor's

Charming, isn't it?

One more. Now let's head down to Rockefeller Center and take a look at a few life-sized angels.


Now a bit from my book about Christmas in New York City, Champagne for Christmas.

Nina closed her eyes and ran her hands up his pecs and over his shoulders. When he lifted his head, her lips closed over his. As she pushed her breasts up against his chest, he bore down on her, his tongue stroking hers, his big hands trapping her small ones, pushing them above her head and into the pillowy softness. Nina felt desire rise in her body, coursing through her veins, landing in her core, pooling between her legs.

“I love you.” His words were raspy and breathy.

Clint shifted his weight to his side, freeing up his hand to glide down Nina’s body. He started at her shoulder, stopped to squeeze her breast gently, then continued down her hip to her thigh. Nina opened her legs. He moved his hand to her inner thigh then up into her slick heat and closed his eyes.

“Oh, God,” she moaned, almost paralyzed by the need * in her. She slid her hand down his hip and closed her fingers around him.

His eyes popped open. “Oh, baby!” He eased two fingertips into her in response.

She gasped, her hips instinctively arching toward him, wanting more. He pumped in and out of her slowly, making her body rise and fall with him. Her hand tightened on him, moving along with his rhythm.

“Ready?” he whispered.
“God,” she muttered, her eyes closed.


Champagne for Christmas is ON SALE for $.99 until January. What people are saying:

“Ms. Joachim`s holiday book is a joy to read from beginning to end. I was instantly swept up and into the story. Many a time I could imagine myself standing on the streets of New York and seeing what had been so wonderfully described…” V.L.

 “This is a wonderful, feel good story.” Amazon review

About the book: Can a craving for mint chip ice cream and a passion for the theater keep a summer romance hot through an icy winter? Champagne for Christmas is a story with a happy ending you’ll never see coming.

Also available in print!
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Thank you for coming. I hope your town puts on a beautiful show for the holidays. 


Sandra Nachlinger said...

Beautiful photos. Nobody does Christmas window displays like NYC.

Iam Lizzie said...

New York holds a very special place in my ❤️