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Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Welcome! This week's prompt is "ruthless". I'm continuing my nameless story that will become the fifth book in the Dinner Club series. It's Kate's story. Thanks for coming. Click HERE to return to awesome Tuesday Tales writers. 
 “Take him for every cent he has,” Rory advised her friend.

All the Dinner Club women advised Kate to be ruthless. Tracy’s the one who broke her heart. After twenty-five years, he wanted out. She had been stunned. Hurt and anger accumulated like a poison inside with no way out. Miranda encouraged her to join a gym. Kate went every day, not to run or lift weights, but to abuse the punching bag. She’d hit and hit and hit until she was exhausted.

After three weeks, she stopped fighting and left the gym. She met her new friends for dinner at Bess’s house. Sharing a bottle of wine, the women asked Kate for an update.
“Ruthless? You want me to be ruthless and my lawyer does, but it isn’t in me.”
“But you have a right to things. Stuff. Money. After all those years,” Brooke said.
“I do. Only my fair share. I just want what’s mine and to be left alone. The pain is beyond bearing.” Kate took a large sip of her Cabernet.

Bess put a small bowl of artichoke dip and some cut up pita in front of her friend. “Try this. Food heals.”
“So what’s the latest?” Brooke asked.
“He wants to switch apartments.”
“Switch? I thought you only had that one place?” Miranda asked.
“So did I. He had a love nest. A studio, on 77th. He’d meet her there. Now he wants to give me that and keep our two bedroom.”
“A love nest? The rat. Give me ten minutes with him,” Rory said, her voice seething with anger.
Kate patted her friend’s hand. “That’s okay, Rory. I get it. I told him if he clears everything out of there and gives me money to furnish it, then okay.”

“That’s a rotten deal. The two bedroom is worth a fortune and a studio? Not much.”
“I don’t care. I just want this to be over.”
“Ruthless? Seems to me, he’s the one being ruthless,” Bess said, as she stirred her spaghetti sauce.
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