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Thursday, February 5, 2015


GRIFF MONTGOMERY, QUARTERBACK, is the kickoff book in the football romance series, FIRST & TEN.
A bit about the book

      He wants to find a wife. She doesn’t want to marry again –ever. Not exactly a match made in heaven. Ten years ago, Griff Montgomery, star quarterback of the Kings and womanizer, became a stand-in father for his widowed sister’s kids. His happy family life collapsed when she and her new husband moved to California.  Griff wants his own family. But where does a “player” go to find his ideal mate?
    Having sworn off marriage forever, Lauren Farraday barely kept her life together after her divorce. With her career shaky and depression closing in, the last thing she needed was a courtroom battle with a sexy athlete.
    Forced, by a judge, into an uneasy truce, the pair denied their growing chemistry. Wary of Griff’s reputation with women, and hiding a secret, Lauren keeps him at arm’s length. Determined, Griff  marches toward his goal. Can the quarterback handle the truth or will he walk away, like he always has in the past?     


Lauren avoided his stare. “Well, sometimes a new book—”
“Stop lying, Lauren. I know it’s not a book club. What the hell is going on?”
“Nothing that concerns you.” She turned away from him.
Griff gripped her upper arm, hard. “I disagree. We’re gonna talk. The truth. Now.” He sat her down in a chair in the kitchen while he retrieved a beer.
“I don’t see where you—”
“Last night gives me the right to know the truth. Talk.” He offered her a beer, too, which she accepted.


“What else are you good at, besides grilling and throwing a football?”
“Do you want the PG version or X-rated?” He snickered, his dark eyes dancing with mischief as they skimmed over her skimpy robe, making her shiver.
She laughed.
Griff slipped his hand over her free one. “Or should I show you?” His gaze settled on her lips.
She finished chewing and sat back, checking him out again. His muscles were nicely defined, and the sprinkling of dark chest hair tempted her fingers. She ached to touch him, but resisted. He’s a womanizer. He’ll leave you. He’ll hurt you. “Don’t think so.” She removed her hand to cut another piece of meat.

“Do you want me to stay with you?”
“Please. I don’t want to be alone.”
He got in beside her and tucked her against his chest. She snuggled down.
“Look there,” he said, pointing. “See the moon? It’s full.”
She nodded. He was lying behind her, his arm around her middle, holding her fast. Lauren laid her hand on top of his.
“I’m here. You’re safe. Close your eyes. I’ll be right here if you need me.”
“Thank you,” she whispered and brushed her lips against his arm. Griff kissed her hair and tucked his knees up under hers. The warmth from his body soothed her. Her muscles relaxed as she stared at the moon for a moment before falling back to sleep.

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