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Friday, October 30, 2015


UPDATE! The winning state is Montana -- but there were two runner up states. We saw license plates from Florida, second place - and Wisconsin, third place for distance. 

New neighborhood road trip next time. Thanks for stopping by.


Since I don't intend to be on the road, driving, in the winter weather, I'm adding a subgenre to my road trip posts: road tripping in New York City. Even though I'm a native --born and bred heree, there are so many places I haven't been. 
   I will be making forays into new places by subway. That's right, getting off at a stop that's brand new to me, poking around the neighborhood, eating lunch and reporting back on what I've found --complete with my own pictures. Here are some I've taken today, at the Museum of Natural History --down the block from me.
    To kick this off, this week I'm posting about those who are road-tripping TO New York City for the marathon. 
  I'm going to be checking out my block to find the car that's traveled the farthest. Today I did see a Delaware license plate and a Maryland one. But they're small potatoes. The winner is...drum roll please:

MONTANA! Parked right on my block.
   Tourists are clogging the city. Central Park was mobbed yesterday afternoon. It's impossible to walk down the sidewalk without making way for runners, preparing for the marathon. 

   I shouldn't complain. The marathon brings a ton of revenue to the city. So, yes, welcome, you out-of-towners, and don't forget your credit cards. 
   I won't be trying to get into my favorite restaurant. I'll be content to stay inside and hawk the street looking for the rarest license plate --one that's traveled farther than Montana. 
   And taking pictures of our glorious fall trees. 
  Watch for my post on Sunday with the final count on the car that came the longest way to my fair city. 

Thanks for stopping by.

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