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Monday, December 7, 2015


Welcome! This week the word prompt is "evil". Trunk Mahoney's story continues. Thanks for stopping by. Return to the fabulous Tuesday Tales authors using the link below.  


“Didn’t she say anything else? Like why she was leaving or where she was going?”
He shook his head. “Nope. That was it. In a text.”
“A text?” Carla's eyebrows rose. “Damn, that’s cold.”
“I think she’s afraid to face me. Though I don’t know why.”
“You’ve got to track her down. Gotta get some answers.”
“You’re telling me?” He shook his head.
Carla slipped back into the kitchen and returned with a large blue cheese burger and an order of sweet potato fries.

“This is on the house, Trunk.”
“No way.”
“You can’t afford to do that. You just gave those two assholes free beer to leave me alone. And now this? You keep giving food away and you’ll be out of business. I’m paying.”
“We’re friends.”
He shot her a longing look, before masking his expression. Her statement cut him deep. He had wished he could be so much more than friends with this beauty, wished he’d met her before he got hooked up with the evil Mary. It would never happen now. Trunk had a secret, a secret that would keep her away. He’d guessed it might be what finally drove Mary to leave him.
“Business is business, Carla. You can’t afford to give food away. And I don’t want to be the cause of your closing down.”
“Screw you. I’ll charge you double, then. For everyone else, $6.95, for you, fourteen bucks!”
Trunk laughed. He didn’t think anything could be funny today, but Carla was and he was grateful.
He bit into the juicy burger, cooked just the way he liked, and smiled. No one made food like she did.
“Where you gonna live?” She asked, finishing the last of her drink.
“Good question. I have no idea.”
“I have a ‘sleep-it-off-room’ upstairs, down the hall from my digs, if you need it.”
“Thanks. I’m bunking in with Bull and Samantha tonight.”
“Barging in on the newlyweds?”
“When you put it like that, maybe I shouldn’t go there. But one night won’t kill ‘em.”
“Nah. Bull can keep it in his pants for once.”
“Or keep it quiet,” Trunk snickered. She laughed.
He finished the burger and washed it down with a healthy slug of beer.
“Hey, how about this? I could rent that room from you. Just until I get a new place. Give you some more income.”
“You think I need the money?” She narrowed her eyes, rested her hand on her hip.
“Everybody needs more money.”
“True. I could do that. How much?”
“Hmm. Five hundred do it?”
She swallowed and her eyes widened. “Five hundred does it just fine. I’ll take you up there after closing.”
“I’ll tell Bull I’m not coming.”
“There’s a bathroom across the hall, too. No kitchen, but you can use the bar kitchen.”
“Works for me.” He finished the last of his beverage, stuffed two more fries into his mouth and slid off the seat. He dropped a twenty on the counter and headed for his car.

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