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Monday, December 28, 2015


   Welcome! The word prompt this week is "shoe". Since Trunk's story is about to be published, I'm writing about the next hero in the First & Ten series, Harley Brennan, Running Back. 
This is a scene between Harley and his old flame, Shyla Hollings. They rode to L.A. on the same plane and are staying at the same hotel. The scene takes place in his room.

   In his frustration at not being able to find another "woman of his dreams", he's consented to go on the program, "Marriage Minded". But before he gives up completely and opens himself up to meeting someone else, he makes one more play for Shyla.


“You and your crazy schemes.” She shook her head.
“What do you mean ‘crazy schemes’?”
“How quickly you forget the scheme to sneak into the pool at the hotel in Costa Rica?”
“I wanted a midnight swim.”
“You wanted to go skinny dipping at three a.m. and have sex in the pool.”
“Seeing you naked made me horny.”
“And we got caught. Flood lights. Alarms.” She laughed as color flooded her face.
“You were even more beautiful in the floodlights.” He brushed her hair back from her face.
“I could’ve killed you.”
“But you fell for me, instead.”
Her face got the glow he’d seen so many times before. The one that told him she loved him. He eased her closer and kissed her. She responded, opening for him and he angled his head to deepen the kiss.
“Shyla, honey, it’s you that I want,” he whispered into her hair.
She hugged him, then let go. “Let’s not go down that road again. Nothing’s changed. You’re still playing football, I’m still traveling all the time. You broke my heart once. I can’t do it again.”
 Shy pushed off the bed and stood up on wobbly legs. 
The heel of her shoe broke. Harley caught her, held her against his chest for a moment, then let her go.
“Don’t forget why you’re here. To find the love of your life.”
“Or a woman who’s at least in the same city I am.”
“That might help.” She smiled.
He walked her to her room. They kissed goodnight and he returned to his suite. There was a basket of fruit and flowers in the living room. He flipped on the TV, ordered room service and grabbed an apple. Sleep was the farthest thing from his mind.

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