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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


We have two short confessions and lies today, both true stories both using pseudonyms to protect their privacy. Please leave a comment. Your feedback and opinions are always welcome.

As told to Jean by Susan:
When I was thirteen there were two boys in my life. One was Chris, my heartthrob, also my best friend’s boyfriend. The other was Luke. We hung around together every day after school. Luke liked me, but I only had eyes for Chris. Being a great friend, I never say anything about it to him.

Luke asked me out on a date, or our thirteen-year-old version of a date. I didn’t like him that way, so I lied and said my mother forbid me to go out on dates until I was fourteen. Surprise, surprise, Chris and my friend broke. Now I wanted to go out with him, but couldn’t because of my lie. You might say I deserved that and maybe I did. I waited for a year and then Chris and I went on to other people. But Luke stayed in my life.

I have a house on the beach I share with my family. Luke has a house there, too. Yes, I see him from time to time now that we are adults. He is married now and I am not. Do I wonder what would have happened if I gone out with him instead of lying? Sure I do. Hey, Luke, if you ever get divorced…I’m not thirteen anymore.

As told to Jean by Angela:

My boss who hired me for my first job in advertising where I wasn’t a secretary was a flamboyant, kind of crazy lady, brusque but nice to me. It wasn’t long though before I realized she was presenting my work as hers. I did a slow boil over this for months feeling helpless.

She was married to a sweet man but was having an affair with a guy at another agency. He was married, too. I wondered why she strayed given her adorable husband. I was single at the time. As time went on, I got madder and madder while I watched her present material I created to clients and keep me out of meetings. I’m not big on revenge these days, but then I was salivating for it. Opportunity presented itself when she went on vacation with her husband.

There was some industry party or other and her married boyfriend “Peter” was there. I was surprised to find “Peter” was as interested in playing around with me as with my boss. So I took him home with me. After a torrid few hours together, I understood why she was with him. He was quite a skilled lover.When she returned from vacation, I never told her I slept with “Peter” but enjoyed the satisfaction privately.
My boss eventually got fired because you can't go on hiding behind someone else's work forever and a year later, I went on to another agency. About five years after, I met “Peter” again at an industry function. I gave him a warm greeting and he was obviously embarrassed because he didn’t remember me. That blew me away! I couldn't  imagine not recognizing someone I had slept with. Perhaps the revenge I got on my boss was revisited on me in the end.


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An Open Book said...

I enjoy these posts Jean- the confessions part is great- keep it up

Derek Odom said...

First post: Yea, that's a real bummer. I like her attitude though!

Second post: What was WRONG with that lady? She "fought fire with fire", so to speak. You can't get angry at someone for doing wrong, and then do wrong to them in order to get them back or feel better. She's lucky a little surprise was all she got. She should have handled that better and dealt with the situation of the boss stealing her work. Sigh... :P

Jean said...

Derek, I agree with you totally. She should have handled it better. But she got hers in the long run. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments.