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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday from newest release "Sunny Days, Moonlit Nights"

She had been planning to leave Brad for the past three
months. Her suitcases were packed, but the time never seemed
right. After Stan’s visit, if she had any thoughts about staying, they
were gone. Her relationship with Brad had deteriorated beyond
repair and she had to leave…immediately before she had to face
another degrading situation like the one with Stan. She finished her
coffee and called for Harry.
“Would you please help me load up my car?”
“Right away, Miss,” he said.
Caroline led him into her bedroom to get two suitcases and
several small oil paintings.
“Harry…don’t put the luggage and things in the Bentley,” she
“You’re not taking the Bentley?” he asked, raising his
eyebrows in surprise.
“No. Put everything in the Mazda,” she said, ready to be rid of the
trappings of wealth.
“Yes, Miss,” he said, picking up the two heavy suitcases.

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JoAnne Kenrick said...

Not take the Bentley! Shock horror! Looking forward to reading the book, so I can see why she wants to leave the 'trappings of wealth' behind her. Nice snippet, Jean, very enticing xx

Vivien Jackson said...

I like the idea that she's leaving and cutting all ties with what is clearly a stuff-filled life. Am curious about those paintings, though. This has a feel of one of those "you're trapped on a desert island and can keep only four things; what are they?" games. She's chosen to take those paintings with her; they must be precious. Intriguing six!

Alex Sinclair said...

Great excerpt. Why does she want to leave her wealth behind? Can I have it instead?

Jean said...

LOL! You have to read the story to understand why she wants to leave Brad's money behind. But I'll tell him you're interested if he's looking for heirs...