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Friday, April 1, 2011

Prequel to "Sunny Days, Moonnlit Nights"

Once a week, I will be posting excerpts of the prequel to "Sunny Days, Moonlit Nights", the story of Caroline Davis White before the book. The entire prequel will be played out on this blog. So please return to keep up with Caroline's story and you will find out how she ended up with Brad.

"A dance in Central Park for single people, perfect," Linda Davis told her daughter.
"Not getting any younger and I want to be a grandma."
"I got my Masters two weeks ago, Ma. I'm not over the hill, yet," Caroline responded.
"Check it out, sweetheart. Make me happy."

Caroline sighed as she entered the Sheep Meadow, aglow with twinkly lights and live music. She took a glass of wine and wandered through the growing crowd, looking but not seeing the men and women. She missed her college friends. Still, her mother was pressuring her to find a man and she wanted to make her happy.

Caroline was lonely, too. She scanned the faces, hoping to find someone she knew. A tall dark-haired man with brown eyes came over to her and started talking. His name was Cary and soon she was dancing with him. As the fast song became a slow one, Cary drew her into his arms, holding her a little too close.

It felt good to be held by him. Caroline closed her eyes and let the warm summer breeze wash over her. After the music stopped, the band took a break. Cary got two glasses of wine and took Caroline's hand, leading her into the shadowy areas of the park. He sat down on the grass pulling her gently down next to him. Before she knew what was happening, he was kissing her.

At first the kiss was nice, but then it proceeded to get too passionate, too urgent. Caroline pulled away.
"Come back, beautiful thing," he said, reaching for her.
Caroline moved out of his reach and shook her head.
"I hardly know you."
"What better way to get acquainted."
"You're kidding, right?"
His eyes glistened in the moonlight and Caroline began to feel uncomfortable.
"Why do you think guys come to these crummy things?"
"To meet someone?"
"To get laid," he said.

Caroline got up and brushed off he skirt. Time to go home. Tucking her purse under her arm, she turned to him:
"Smooth, aren't you?"
"Just honest. You asked."
"Did I? Mistake. Goodnight."

When she got home and related her story to her mother, Linda got busy.
"We'll have to find a better place to find you a husband. Some place where the guys have a little class."
"Meaning they want to get laid but don't tell you after the first half hour?" Caroline replied.

Sitting at the window in her room, Caroline wondered what plan Linda would come up with. Her mother was a determined lady and marrying off her daughter had become her preoccupation. She drifted off to sleep wishing to find her Prince Charming soon so she could get on with her life.

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