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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday "Sunny Days, Moonlit Nights"

Last Sunday, Mike saved Sunny from a broken spigot in the shower which spewed scalding hot water across the bathtub, stealing a healthy look at her before throwing her a towel. This week, they begin to reconnect.

 Six Sentences From "Sunny Days, Moonlit Nights"

“Thanks for fixing the faucet,” Sunny said.
“I see you’re still getting into trouble,” Mike said with a
mischievous grin.
“What do you mean? What have you heard?” she asked
nervously, her mouth getting dry and her stomach queasy.
“Isn’t getting stranded in the shower by scalding water
trouble enough?”
“Oh…of course, of course,” she agreed, relieved.
“Should I be asking about some other trouble?” he probed,
his keen eyes boring into her.
“No, no. I’m good,” she lied with a smile.

A Little Bit About the Book
Do you have someone in your past you would like to reconnect with? Did you have an all-consuming crush at thirteen and wonder where he is now? 

Sunny Davis White wasn't looking for Mickey, now Mike Foster, her childhood crush, she was fleeing her philandering husband, seeking peace and quiet, time to reflect on changing her life. But there was Mike, saving her from a mishap...again, bigger than life and even more handsome. 

A well-known artist, Sunny thought she could escape, disappear for a while in the country, back to the cabin where she spent her summers as a child. But she was wrong. Her husband refused to let her go. There hadn't been a divorce in Brad White's family...ever! And he wasn't about to start breaking that tradition now.  

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An Open Book said...

SO innocent...yet so, NOT- lol- great 6 Jean
Dawne P

D L Jackson said...

Um, somebody's in trouble and they don't want to ask for help. Like the set up here, Jean.
Thanks for sharing.

Cassandre Dayne said...

Very sexy - I like it a lot!

Rebecca Royce said...

Ooh, she's lying? I would love to know why!

Cara Bristol said...

Fun six. BTW, I like the title of your book.

Vivien Jackson said...

Lied with a smile = such nice phrasing!

Joyce Lansky said...

Ah, the shower scene. I bet it's hard to tell a lie in the shower.


K. M. Springsteen said...

I can just see the kind of smile she has on her face, too. Intriguing six!

the1940mysterywriter said...

"Lied with a smile." You wonder about that one. Good six, Jean.

Cate Masters said...

Oops, revealing response. :) Fun snippet.

AllureVanSanz said...

Great job, Jean! Thanks so much for sharing your six. Sounds like mischief afoot.

Allure Van Sanz

Sarah Grimm said...

great job! Thanks for sharing. It sounds like a fun book!

KarennaC said...

Oooh, the tension between those two! Great snippet!

Lindsay said...

Love the snippet and the tension shared.

Alex Sinclair said...

I didn't think it was possible to want to read a book in six sentence's... But it is! Good job Jean.