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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Six Sentences, a taste of "Sunny Days, Moonlit Nights"

My entry for today and read new 5-Star review plus brand-nnew review just in today!

Mickey’s head snapped up and he eyed her directly.
“No one has called me that in a long time. Who are you?”
“Caroline Davis.”
“Yes. No one has called me that in a long time, either,” she
said, smiling at the memory.
“Boy, you sure have changed,” he said, looking at her towelclad
body with admiration. She had certainly grown up.
“I would think so. I was thirteen when I last saw you,” she
said, stepping out of the tub.
“What are you doing here?” he asked her.

Book Review: Sunny Days, Moonlit Nights

Review By: Dawne Prochilo

Title: Sunny Days, Moonlit Nights
Author: Jean Joachim
PublisherAstraea Press
Recommend? Yes

Review: Artist Carolina Davis White is stuck in a loveless marriage. After years of feeling trapped and stuck, she runs away from her cheating husband and his money, which he uses to benefit himself. She finds herself at the family cabin in the solitude of the Catskills and reconnects with old friends including Mike Foster. Finding peace, obtaining her divorce and falling for Mike are in Carolina's future. But alas, watch out for that selfish husband, Brad. If ever a man needed to be knocked down a notch, he is a prime suspect.

Mike is dealing with his own loss, his son years ago and all the money he's made over the years mean nothing to him without true love. Add in that he's wary of all women, who may be after his money.

If you're looking for a sweet, sensual side to romance, this is the book for you. Take the beautiful and charming Catskills, add in love, friendship and romance and this book will grab you in. I was drawn into the storyline immediately and Joachim's dynamic writing style, dialogue between Carolina and Mike is so remarkable. The love grows with each scene creating the love all women cherish and desire in life.

This is one of those “What-if” novels that many women will relate to. I highly recommend this novel and challenge anyone who reads not to find a little of his or herself in the characters experiencing love lost returning from the past.

New 5-Star Review from WebbWeaver: 

Sunny Days, Moonlit Nights, was written by Jean C. Joachim and published by Astraea Press in February, 2011. You may purchase this book at

Carolina Davis White is a talented artist in a loveless marriage. For two years, she has put up with this life and she can no longer stand it. Running away from her husband Brad, who cheats on her and uses his riches to get what he wants, seems to be her only option. So she flees to her family's cabin in the Catskill Mountains, a place she loves and in which she found peace in earlier times. There, she begins divorce proceedings.

Enter Mike Foster, a successful man who has lost his wife and child due to his driven work attitude. As Caroline connects once again with old friends, Mike reappears and reminds Caroline how it used to be when they were younger and in love.

This is book is an awesome love story. I started reading and couldn't favorite kind of romance. It has all the makings of a good love story; a friendship/crush/love that is re-kindled after several years and then goes thru some drama to finally end in a 'forever' scenario. There are some twist and turns that will keep you turning pages and the characters seem real and not 'too' perfect.

I'm giving this book a 5 spider rating and recommending it to anyone who is interested in a good love story. Don't miss this wonderful read!!
T Lane

Astraea Press (multiple formats)


An Open Book said...

Loved this book when I read it Jean- reviews are forthcoming-
Dawne P

Vivien Jackson said...

Hooray for scenes driven by the dialogue!

Cate Masters said...

They have a lot of catching up to do! Fun six.

Susanna Fraser said...

What a reunion! Fun six.

Cara Bristol said...

Enticing six!

Lindsay said...

Love the six. It's going in my Kindle TRP pile

Lisa Fox said...

Great dialogue and congrats on your awesome reviews!

Gem Sivad said...

Great six introducing all kinds of possibilities for a wonderful romance.