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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Tuesday Tales continue today. Join me and J.F. Jenkins, another Astraea Press authors as we write short stories to a word prompt. The prompt this week is "doctor". To read the full stories, click on the author's name or scroll down for my story, "Mint Chip".

J.F. Jenkins
“It is a girl. Come on, tell Doctor Love all about it.”
“Doctor Love? Princess your relationship history is worse than mine and that's really saying a lot.” I point out.
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To read Chapters 1-5
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Chapter Six

        When Clint and Nina reached the kitchen, he ushered her to a tall stool while he assembled the ingredients for dinner.

            “Frozen margaritas, first?”

            She nodded.

            “These were to make you pliable,” he said, switching on the blender.


“To make my seduction easier.”

“You planned to seduce me?”

“Seems silly now, doesn’t it?”

“I think it’s charming,” she said, giving him a kiss.

            While they were sipping their drinks, Clint crumbled gorgonzola cheese on thick slices of peasant bread.

            “Heating this on the grill as an appetizer. Don’t want to get you totally drunk on the first drink…then pasta pesto with grilled sausage, salad…and, of course, dessert!”

            “You are pulling out all the stops. This isn’t necessary, Clint. I mean…seduction accomplished.”

            “This was my seduction dinner. I figured after a gourmet meal and a couple of double-strength margaritas, you’d fall into bed with me.”

            “Fouled you up, I guess.”

            “Fell into bed without the dinner!” He said, grinning.         

            Nina laughed and took another sip, enjoying the effect of the drink.

            “I was a pushover.”

            “An amazing pushover…please! All the more reason to cook for you.”

            “No argument.”

            “Are you hungry?”

            “Ravenous…”she said, giving him a wicked grin.

            Clint moved around the kitchen with confidence, stopping on the way to the refrigerator to kiss Nina, pinch her bottom or cup a breast.  She sat back watching him create, feeling wooed, courted…it took her back to her twenties when she was eagerly sought after, being a charming and beautiful young woman.

            The table was set for two on the deck with beautiful cloth placemats. There were fresh flowers and a candle in a glass hurricane to keep it from blowing out. Clint brought the grilled bread with the melted cheese out and they sat down to eat. The meal was delicious, with every dish cooked to perfection.

            “Amending earlier statement…writes brilliant plays, makes fabulous love and cooks like a chef…everything is heavenly…delicious,” she said.

            She wiped her mouth with her napkin and took a sip of Moscato, a new favorite wine she discovered through Clint.

            “Glad you like it. It’s seduction dinner number 37. We’ll see if it works for round two.”

            “You have doubts?”

            “With women I never know. I’ve been wrong before.”

            “Not this time, Iron Chef,” she said, her eyes glistening.

            He grinned at her and her heart melted. His smile was a little lopsided, his brown hair mussed from making love and the gentle breeze on the deck. His amber eyes seemed to be glowing gold in the dusky light, dancing with the flame of the candle. Never had she seen a more handsome man.

             His big hand covered hers as his thumb wrapped under her palm. Her gaze dropped to his chest which was shirtless on the warm summer night and her fingertips tingled at the thought of touching him again. He saw her staring and a wicked grin spread over his face.

            “Thinking about dessert again?”

            Nina blushed to be caught in the act. She nodded.

            “Before we go upstairs for ‘seconds’, I have another dessert for you.”

            Clint went into the kitchen and left Nina to sit outside. She looked up at the night sky, finding a star and making a wish. The smell of freshly cut grass mingled with the scent of flowers growing in Clint’s garden. He was as good a gardener as she was bad. Cucumbers and tomatoes in the salad came from his garden. Crickets and frogs created  a symphony while fireflies provided a light show. The night was magical.

            Clint returned with one hand behind his back.

            “Before we adjourn for our…um…other dessert, let’s have this.”

            He whipped out a bowl with two scoops of ice cream and two spoons. Nina looked in the bowl and started laughing.

            “I can’t believe it…mint chip!”

            “That’s right…from The Creamery, too.”

            He took her hand and led her over to the rocking chair in the corner on the deck. He sat down and situated her in his lap while she held the bowl. She slipped one spoon on the table. They fed each other ice cream, licking off the spoon and each other’s lips.

The cold, sweet dessert shared intimately between them started a new fire inside Nina. She put her hand on his chest and slid it up and down, caressing him lovingly. Gazing up into his eyes, she saw her desire was returned.

“Prescription for the cure for loneliness…go next door, take one Clint…twice and call me in the morning,” she said.

He looked into her eyes, smiling back at her.

“So I’m just what the doctor ordered, eh?”

“Oh, you so are…you so are, sweetheart.”

He stood up with her in his arms, stopped at the table for her to deposit the bowl and spoon and walked toward the stairs, switching out the kitchen lights on the way.  
 (Continued next Tuesday)

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