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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Excerpt from upcoming sequel, "April's Kiss in the Moonlight"

I am delighted to tell you that the sequel to "Sunny Days, Moonlit Nights", tentatively titled, "April's Kiss in the Moonlight" will be published by Astraea Press. The exact release date has not been decided yet, but we are shooting for sometime in October.
Since I received this good news recently, I decided to share an unedited excerpt of the upcoming book with you all:

April's Kiss in the Moonlight
By the middle of the second week, April was feeling stronger and the black-and-blue marks started to fade. Saturday morning she got under a hot shower which made her aching body feel better. She could hear the sounds of construction coming from the room across from hers. Mike and Sunny were turning it into a nursery because they were planning to have a child.
April dried long, lustrous dark brown hair, which fell to her shoulders in loose curls framing her bruised oval face perfectly. Her eyes, so dark they were almost black, looked troubled. Her black eye was turning yellow and the purple splotch on her delicate chin matched it.
She wrapped a towel around her body and tucked the corner in between her breasts, picked up her hair dryer and opened the bathroom door. She walked into the living room and ran smack dab into Gavin Dailey who was coming around the corner. She bumped into him and grabbed her towel to secure it. He steadied her with his big hands on her elbows as his gaze met hers. They stopped and stared. April felt a sizzle, like an electric current, rise up her arms and shoulders from the touch of his hands.
Gavin, about six feet tall with a slender but strong build, had the bluest eyes and darkest hair. His eyebrows were thick, sideburns perfectly clipped and two days growth of beard appeared on his long, narrow face. She’d never seen a more handsome man in her life and couldn’t take her eyes off him.
Gavin’s gaze took in her glossy brown hair, lovely face, bruises and all, then traveled down her towel-clad body slowly, stopping to rest on the swell of her breasts above the towel before sliding down to examine her lovely legs. Heat traveled through his hands and up his arms. He was entranced by her five feet four inches with curves in all the right places.  His eyebrows lifted as he eyed her bruised shoulders.
“What happened to you,” he muttered, dropping his hands from her arms.
“Got in the way of an explosion,” she explained.
He nodded, then eyed the engagement ring on her hand.
“Gavin Dailey,” he said, extending his hand.
“April McKenna.”
Her hands were too full to shake his and as she looked down at them, she remembered she was wearing only a towel. Her hand flew to secure the towel’s precarious tuck at her chest while her face flamed. She sputtered something unintelligible and ran from the room, hearing the sound of his low chuckle behind her. 

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An Open Book said...

“Got in the way of an explosion"- what? EXPLANATION needed- great excerpt
Dawne P

SJ said...

Excellent taste! Looking forward to this one.

Great post!


Jean said...

Thank you Dawne and Sammy Jo.

Kathleen Ball said...

Can't wait- Congrats!! It's going to be another winner!!