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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Here is a taste of each of my brand-new contemporary romance novellas  you can download FREE at Smashwords and the links to find them.

Moonlight and Roses

She had agreed to return to New York City to live with her mother, leaving behind her college and graduate school friends in Willow Falls, New York. She missed her friends, but her mother, recovering from a bout with cancer, needed her. 

But now, Linda was pressuring her to find a man and Caroline wanted to make her mom happy. If she was honest with herself, Caroline had to admit she was lonely, too. Her college boyfriend left her behind when he went to medical school where he met and married another medical student. 

She scanned the faces at the dance again, hoping to find someone she knew. A tall dark-haired man with brown eyes, perhaps the right man to alleviate her loneliness approached her and introduced himself as Cary before he asked her to dance.

As the fast song became a slow one, he drew her into his arms, holding her close. It felt good to be held by him. Caroline closed her eyes and let the warm summer breeze and the woodsy scent of his aftershave wash over her. After the music stopped, the band took a break. Cary plucked two glasses of wine from a waiter‟s tray and took Caroline's hand, leading her into a shadowy area of the park. He sat down on the thick grass and gently tugged her down next to him then handed her the wine.

Before she knew what he wanted, he was kissing her. At first, the kiss was nice, but then it got too passionate, too urgent. Caroline pulled away. "Come back, beautiful thing," he murmured, reaching for her.

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Now and Forever, Callie's Story

Chapter One
Callie swore to her sister she knew something was up because the sound of the doorbell was different. The teen remembered going to the big picture window in the living room that Saturday to watch sheets of rain come down hard from heavily clouded skies. 

Boredom crept into her body and she slumped down on the window seat, tracing behind raindrops racing down the pane with her finger. Then the doorbell rang. Afterward, everything seemed to happen in slow motion.

She opened the door to reveal a grim-faced policeman dressed in dark blue, water dripping off his hat, his hands nervously clenching and releasing. She looked up at him with a questioning gaze until she saw the look of sadness in his eyes. Her hand flew to cover her mouth as tears filled her eyes.

“Callie Richards?” he asked. “There‟s been an accident.”
Callie stood there, not hearing him, just staring.
“There has been an accident. Your parents…” He gestured helplessly. “You‟d better come with me.”

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