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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Sexy Night at the Museum
Chapter Four

            Liza was embarrassed when she woke up. It was one thing to go to bed with Dr. Rick Banks, ornithologist and another to wake up with him in the morning. They spent a wild night sating their mutual lust but, now it was eight o’clock and they were both late for work.
            She jostled him and he groaned and rolled over. Seeing her there, naked in his bed, he reached for her and pulled her close. His hand closed around her breast and his lips began nibbling her neck. Liza tried to focus but the Rick’s presence stole her attention. She moved closer to him and whispered in his ear, her breath coming quicker.
            “It’s eight o’clock, Rick.”
            Rick sat up in bed, letting her go and stared at the clock.
            “Crap, we’re going to be late,” he said, whipping the sheets and blanket back and swinging his legs over the side of the bed.
            Liza sat up, disappointed they had to stop but she knew how important being on time was to Rick. He was never late and insisted his interns be on time as well. Here she was, his star intern and recent lover, making both of them late to work. Was it her fault?
            “Do you think we can shower together and actually just get clean?” he asked.
            Liza stood up and stretched. His eyes traveled the length of her body and he shook his head.
            “No way. If you’re in there with me…I’ll never get to the museum,” he said with a snort.
            Liza gave him a lazy smile and went into the bathroom.
            Dr. Banks made the bed, went to his closet, selected clothes for the day and laid them out. He threw on boxers and padded down to the kitchen to make coffee.
            “Save some hot water for me,” he called as he descended the steep staircase.

            Liza wasn’t happy with the way she looked. Her clothes were wrinkled and the same ones she had worn the day before. She hoped no one would notice. Rick looked devastating in his white shirt, brown corduroy jacket and khaki pants. He pulled up his car and pushed the door open for her.
            “I hope you don’t mind if I let you out a block away from the museum. We shouldn’t walk in together. It’s forbidden for us to be dating, museum policy,” he said, negotiating the thick Washington rush hour traffic.
            “What? You mean we’re breaking the rules?”
            “Big time. If Jackson Randolph found out, we’d both get fired,” he explained.
            “So we have to lie about dating?” She asked.
            “I’m afraid so. I hate lying but it’s either that or not see you again. I don’t think I could do that,” he said, giving her hand a squeeze when he could take his hand off the steering wheel.
            Liza smiled at him. He was everything she ever wanted, a fellow scientist, handsome, sweet and a terrific lover. She sighed and looked out the window at the other cars.
            “How long to we have to keep this charade up?” She asked.
            “Until we either stop seeing each other or get married,” he said.
            She stared at him.
Dr. Banks pulled up to the curb about a block from the Washington Museum of Natural History. He leaned across Liza and opened the door for her.
            “You owe me a shower, you know,” he said, looking at her with desire in his eyes.
            “You think?”
            “I know. If we had risen on time this morning, there definitely would have been a shower together.”
            She laughed as he pulled her closer to him and kissed her passionately. Liza pressed herself against the gear shift as his chest crushed hers.
            “God you taste good,” he muttered into her neck.
            “I’ve got to go, Rick,” she breathed.
            “I know, but I don’t have to like it.”
            She closed the closed the car door behind her and started walking. He pulled away from the curb and headed into the private parking garage for Museum employees. Liza reached the front door first. When Rick saw her, he hung back and let her proceed first.
            “Good morning, Angela,” Liza said, walking up to the front desk where she signed in.
            Angela, the receptionist looked her over carefully.
            “Didn’t you wear that pink blouse yesterday, Liza? Hot date, last night, huh?”
            Liza blushed under the other woman’s scrutiny as Rick walked up to the desk. He noticed her heightened color but said nothing.
            “Good morning, Dr. Banks,” Angela cooed at Rick, obviously flirting with him.
            “Good morning Miss Carr,” he said, then turned to Liza, “oh, good morning to you, too, Miss Parker.”
            Liza looked at him and saw no glimmer of recognition in his eyes. His easy ability to hide his feelings for her made her wonder how many other women he had done this with before.

The morning went along as usual. Liza got coffee for Rick then retrieved specimens for him and returned them when he was done. She typed up a letter, did some filing, brought him the mail and carried out the usual duties. He referred to her as “Miss Parker” and she called him Dr. Banks.
Shortly after lunch, Rick sent her to the supply room with a fairly long list of things he needed. After five minutes, she heard the door open. It was Dr. Banks. She looked at him quizzically, not sure how to treat him.
He walked over to her and took her in his arms. He kissed her passionately, his lips parting hers, making way for his tongue to tease hers. She melted against him wanting more.
After a few minutes he broke from her. His face was flushed and her lips were swollen.
            “Can we do that?” she asked, running her thumb over her lower lip.
            “We just did. This is killing me. You’re killing me. I never had a woman in my life like you before, Liza. You share my interest in science, in birds and yet you’re gorgeous…sexy, responsive,” he said, running his hand down her chest to cup a breast through her clothing. His touch sent heat shooting through to her core.
        “Dr. Banks…should you be doing that? Anyone can walk in here at any time,” she pointed out.
            “I can’t resist you. You’ll stay with me tonight, won’t you? We’ll go to a nice dinner then spend the evening together?”  
        She couldn’t resist him, allowing him to pull her close again for a kiss. She nodded.
            “Good. I’ll meet you where I dropped you off at, say, six?”
            She nodded again, pressing her lips to his. Then he left the supply room first. Liza waited five minutes before she returned to her desk. Angela walked by her desk on her way back from the ladies room. She sauntered by, looking Liza over carefully. She was acutely aware that she no longer had lipstick on so she pulled one out and hastily applied it.
            “Better put that lipstick on before someone else notices you lost yours in the supply room, Miss Parker. Stay away from Dr. Banks. He’s mine,” she warned.
            Liza looked at the woman who must have been ten years her senior. She had skinny legs, a large bosom held up by wide shoulders and narrow hips. She was shaped sort like a man except for her breasts. Angela’s long blonde hair got scraggly at the ends.
            Liza tossed her short locks and looked her right in the eye.
            “What I do in the supply room is none of your business.”
            “As long as it doesn’t have anything to do with Dr. Rick Banks, then I don’t care. But keep away from him. I’ve been reeling him in for the past year. I’m getting close, so stay away.”
            “And if I don’t?”
            “If you don’t? I’ll report you’re sleeping with him and get you fired.”
            “But I’m not sleeping with him.”
            “Liar,” Angela asserted, placing her hands on her hips.
            “You’ll get him fired, too,” Liza pointed out, her brow furrowed.
            “But if I tell him it’s your fault, you’ll lose him, too.”
            “If you’re so crazy about him, why would you do that?”
            “He’s mine alone or he belongs to no one. See?” She said with a toss of her head.
            “Oh, I see all right,” Liza said, walking away to stop the conversation.


            Later that night after dinner and lovemaking, Liza snuggled in Rick’s arms.
            “Did you know Angela has a thing for you?” Liza said, rolling onto her back.
            “She stalked me for a while but finally stopped,” Rick said, propping himself up on his elbow.
            “She’s crazy. She threatened me today. Said she’s say I was sleeping with you.”
            “She can’t prove anything. Don’t worry,” he said, stroking her arm and burying his face in her neck.
            “Sure. The only thing I worry about is having enough stamina to keep you satisfied,” he teased.
            Liza laughed and let Rick take her to Nirvana again as the clock struck midnight.



Kathleen Grieve said...

Nice conflict going here with the dating policy.

mirriamsmyth said...

I've been following your tale and I like the twists you've thrown in this week. Hate Angela though. Can you have a bookshelf fall on her or something?

Maureen Lomando said...

Moonlight and Roses was a fabulous sample and I just had to read more about Caroline. Then Sunny Days grabbed me and would not let go. I was so absorbed. I didn't want to finish the book because I was afraid there wasn't any more of Caroline/Sunny. I am now a fan of this exceptional author.

Jean said...

Wow, Maureen! You sure made my Monday fabulous! So glad you liked the books. The next in the Moonlight series, "April's Kiss in the Moonlight" is coming out in October. I hope you will read and like that one, too.