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Monday, September 26, 2011

TUESDAY TALES - New Chapter of Sexy Night at the Museum

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Chapter Seven

        Liza stretched her arms over her head then brought them down, folding them around the naked chest of Dr. Rick Banks hovering over her in the big bed.  As he lowered his mouth to hers, the phone rang and Rick looked at the clock…seven a.m. He gave Liza a quizzical look as he removed his hand from her breast and moved over to pick up the phone.
            “It’s the police,” he said turning his head to face her, cupping his hand over the phone.
Liza slid out of bed as Rick continued his monosyllabic conversation with the police. Stark naked, she sat next to him on the bed, draping her arms over his shoulders, distracting him.
He took her hand and kissed her palm before responding to the policeman on the other end of the phone.
            “Yes, officer. It’s my day off, but I don’t mind coming in. No, I understand. It will take me an hour or so…” he looked at Liza, his gaze moving down her body and back again,
“Maybe more. I have some…uh…research I’m doing at home I need to finish before I... Right,” he said, hanging up the phone.
            “What was that about?” She asked, her fingers sliding up his neck and dipping into his dark hair.
            “Some robbery at the museum. The police want to talk to everyone. I guess you’re coming with me.”His hand sought her breast again, cradling it.
            “They want to interview everyone, including beautiful, sexy interns. But I think we have time for a shower.” He bent over and nibbled her  neck.
            “This time we’ll use water,” Rick chuckled as he stood up from the bed, lacing his fingers with hers and led her into the bathroom.
            An hour later as they stood finishing their coffee in the kitchen, Rick moved closer to Liza. He leaned over and planted a kiss on her soft lips.
            “I can’t seem to stay away from you,” he muttered.
            “Don’t want you to,” she whispered, moving her body up against his.
            Rick put down his coffee cup, gave Liza one more quick kiss and picked up his keys. They got in his car for the short drive to the museum. Liza gazed out the window, dreaming of what it would be like to be Mrs. Rick Banks. He mentioned marriage but they hadn’t gotten around to discussing it yet. She knew what her answer would be.
            Her dreams were interrupted by the sight of five police cars parked in front of the museum. Liza got out a couple of blocks away as was her custom so the administration wouldn’t know she was Rick Banks’ lover, which was against the rules, and walked in.
            In half an hour, Liza was bringing Rick his second cup of coffee at his desk. He was wearing his mask of polite disinterest in case anyone should happen by, but he smiled a knowing smile at her before she turned to leave.
            Liza was stopped by Donovan Carstairs, Rick’s assistant curator. Not tall and good-looking like Rick, Donovan had mousy brown hair and a rather large nose. He had asked Liza out several times. She did once go to lunch with him, but found him self-absorbed and pompous.
Donovan had an Ivy League degree and thought that entitled him to first dibs on Liza’s luscious body. Unfortunately for him, she didn’t agree.
He never gave up and began to notice the heat between Liza and Rick as much as they tried to hide it. Liza tried to ignore his jealousy and repeated attempts to ask her out but he was persistent.
            “I’ll have a coffee, while you’re here, Liza, make it the same way you do for Rick” Donovan said, his gaze focused on her breasts.
            “My face is up here, Donovan,” she snapped at him, moving her arm across her chest.

            When Liza returned with his coffee, Donovan and Rick were talking about the theft.
            “The Dodo egg?” Rick asked, his eyebrows raised.
            “What about the Dodo egg?” Liza asked him.
            “Donovan said they thief stole the Dodo egg.”
            “That’s a very valuable piece, you know,” he said, turning to Liza. “The Dodo bird is extinct.”
            “Duh, Donovan!” Liza said, making a face when he turned his back to her.
            “The police are searching everyone’s desk and such,” Carstairs said.
            “I’ve nothing to hide, let them come,” Rick said. He picked up a specimen and proceeded to make notes.
            “Are you sure?”
            Rick looked at him with his brows knitted and a frown on his face.
            “Of course.”
            “I’m simply saying, Rick, if you needed money or anything and thought this wouldn’t be missed, I hope you took it home. After all, swiping the precious egg at midnight makes a getaway easy, doesn’t it?”
            Liza wanted to slap the smug look off Donovan’s face. Pink crept up her neck to her cheeks.
            “Donovan you’ve got a lotta nerve…” she began.
            Rick took off his magnifying glasses, rubbed the bridge of his nose and trained a hard stare at his assistant. “How do you know the robbery took place at midnight, Donovan?” 

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